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nigerian. i got a lot of it from you. the more you learn the more you want to know, and then it just fuels that fire. it filled my soul to be honest. get our lowest price of the year at the virus that causes shingles is sleeping... in 99% of people over 50. and it could strike at any time. think you're not at risk? wake up. because shingles could wake up in you. if you're over 50, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about shingles prevention. dozens gathered in colorado springs this weekend to honor the victims of the club q attack. presidents marked in solidarity with the lgbtq community. filling the air with rainbow flags and shots of support. >> [crowd chanting]

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

we will discuss how her country is fighting back as vladimir putin and russia attempt to weaponize the winter. l customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual!!! what does it do, bud? it customizes our home insurance so we only pay for what we need! and what did you get, mike? i got a bike. ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ wayfair's cyber monday sale is here! save on entertainment must-haves up to 40% off. mattresses & bedding up to 70% off. and fireplaces & heating up to 50% off. search, shop, and save at wayfair! ♪ wayfair, you've got just what i need ♪

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

they are losing on the battlefield? they continue the terrorist attack on people citizens. this is what russians are trying to do right now. they are destroying our energy infrastructure. they are hitting civilian objects. they are deliberately hitting hospitals. and this is absolutely terrifying. so the good point it's right now that the whole world sees that russia is a terrorist state. and european parliament has already acknowledged them as a terrorist state. right now we need another stronger set of sanctions to make sure that the terrorist is treating us terrorist. so no negotiations with terrorists. and making sure that they become isolated. that they become bankrupt. and that they cannot continue this war anymore. the recent attacks on our energy infrastructure has destroyed almost 50% of it. so can you imagine? 50% of the infrastructure of

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

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Life Liberty Levin

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

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The Eighties

but everyone loves us. >> you guys have been so nice to us during our stay. >> isn't that special. >> i am hans. >> and i am franz. and we just want to pump you up. >> a lot of things they could do on "saturday night live" they couldn't do on a sitcom. the humor was more daring and more satirical, and it was political. >> you still have 50 seconds left, mr. president. >> let me just sum up. on track, stay the course, a thousand points of light, stay the course. >> governor dukakis, rebuttal? >> i can't believe i'm losing to this guy. [ phone rings ] >> i'll get it. >> it's the garry shandling show. >> people were taking the old principles of comedy and trying to turn them into something new. we spent years and years watching sitcoms and dramas and talk shows by then, we knew them by heart, that if somebody

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

helping reaffirm reproductive rights and passing abortion related measures in california, michigan, vermont, kentucky, and montana. this midterm also serving up historic women candidates. democratic congresswoman rebecca berlin is the first woman and lgbtq person to represent vermont in congress. all 50 states have now sent a woman to washington. we also saw the first female governors elected in arkansas, new york, massachusetts. as texas governor -- also becoming the first openly lesbian governor in u.s. history. how do we, women, keep this momentum going? it will be a focus of the clinton foundation this week, hosting the women's voices summit in little rock. addressing voting rights, health care, and more. with me now, dr. victoria defrancesco soto, she's an msnbc contributor, and dean at the clinton school of public service. victoria, we have been having this conversation for a long time. i wonder, sort of, how do you feel the contours of it have

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

uglier. >> it is an ugly time. i agree. you know, so much, kadia, of the plan is centered around this investigation-palooza. you had incoming -- representative james comer commenting on the gop's plans to launch these investigations under their new majority. let's take a listen. >> we are gonna investigate between 40 and 50 different things. we have the capacity, we will have 25 members on the committee. we are gonna have a staff of close to 70. so we have the ability to investigate a lot of things. >> i get, it katie, like, i get that they want to sell this to their hard core base. this isn't what they ran on in order to sort of peel off voters from democrats. what they ran on was inflations. they have no plan on inflation. they run on crime, they have a plan on crime. i have to believe that there are some voters who will get incredibly frustrated when they say, hey, we sent you to washington to deal with all of these things that you said were problems.

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