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Home Cooks Find Bargains at the Restaurant Supply Store

These warehouses equip professionals with kitchen tools and food, but they’re also open to the public.

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A Mythical and Moral Tale To End All Tales With Barrett Davis

This one is for all the late bloomers: now in his late 20s, NC artist Barrett Davis has given us a compelling debut of Americana music with themes of ancient Cherokee mythology and modern day struggles in Appalachia.

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Things to do and see in Wilmington NC for the weekend, Aug. 18-21

From album release shows by local musicians to touring gigs by veteran acts, this is a weekend when you need to get out and take in some live tunes.

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Friday at 11am: The Pink Beds

“What started out as a casual jam to entertain a keg party has morphed itself into one of the most intriguing new musical acts in Western North Carolina,” as Rolling Stone contributor Garrett Woodward has written. Aaron Aiken (Vocals & Guitar), Jackson Van Horn (Keys & Guitar), Ryan Sargeant (Drums & Percussion), and Logan Hall (Bass) assembled pretty much every single aspect of their new album – writing, recording, mixing, mastering – at their tiny house along Pisgah National Forest, and it’s an interesting genre-blend of indie-rock, psychedelic folk, disco, new wave, and more. They’ve got a gig at Sierra Nevada in Mills River Friday night.

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The things I've Seen: Pink Beds release debut rock album

Pink Beds is an Asheville-based indie rock band. From left, the group consists of Logan Hall, Ryan Sargent, Aaron Aiken and Jackson Van Horn. (photo: Daniel Barlow)
What started out as a casual jam to entertain a keg party has morphed itself into one of the most intriguing new musical acts in Western North Carolina. 
“By August 2019, my old band had come to an end. Some friends of mine from college were looking for someone to play their Halloween bash, and I said ‘yes,’ all while forgetting I didn’t have a band anymore,” Aaron Aiken laughed. “Nobody wanted to travel to the gig and we weren’t getting paid, so I just called up some friends who play around the area. When the party ended, we talked after and decided ‘let’s not make this our last gig.’”

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Jujubee's fierce optimism is what we all need right now

Jujubee’s fierce optimism is what we all need right now
2020 was the biggest year yet for the breakout star of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ but it wasn’t easy. Here’s what got her through.
By Meredith Goldstein Globe Staff,Updated January 8, 2021, 2:30 p.m.
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Her Christmas tree is still up, and it will be for a while.
At Jujubee’s place in Boston’s Chinatown, the twinkling lights — in front of a wall of cat-themed art — are a commitment to the power of hope.
After a horrible 2020, and at the start of a new year that promises better days, we must hold on to any good vibes we can. That’s something Jujubee knows to be true.

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