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when 34-year-old aaron alexis opened fire. the president met privately with the victim's families and said the nation stands with them as they mourn. he's also urging americans not to give up on transforming gun laws that he says are to blame for an epidemic of violence. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "hannity." welcome back. we'll have a battle over the debt celling. i want to take a trip down memory lane for the democrats. you're smiling so you are giving yous away. in 2006 obama was a senate then. the fact that we are here today to debate raising america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure, a sign that the u.s. government cannot pay its bills, a sign we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance the reckless fiscal policies. he said increasing america's debt waeg weakens us.

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welcome back to "new day," everyone. it is wednesday, september 18th. coming up in the show, what was it like to be in that build iin when aaron alexis opened fire. we talk with someone who was in that building. >> a very different kind of story. you're not going to want to run into this guy. a creepy clown is making his way around an old english town, leaving cringe-worthy messages on facebook. it's happening enough to look into it. we'll tell you what's going on there later this morning. a lot of news we're following for you this morning. let's get right to michaela. we start again with an update on our top story. still no motive but rhode island say aaron alexis told them about a month ago he thought he was being followed and hearing voices through his hotel room walls. it is raising questions about how a man with an arrest record and a history of mental problems

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still had clearance to the navy yard as a civilian contractor. nebraska now getting swamped by colorado's high water. runoff now creeping east into the neighboring state. crews continue evacuating hundreds of stranded people. it's believed these are the largest rescue efforts of this sort in the u.s. since katrina. the death toll has been revised down from 8 to 6 but more than 300 people remain unaccounted for. three people are charged in alleged bribery scheme to make milli millions. they face up to five years in prison. prosecutors say the contractor bribed the commander and investigator with travel, prostitutes and gifts in exchange for information that he could use to overcharge on contracts. take a look at this. a million dollar home in stamford, connecticut, now a pile of rubble after an explosion leveled it to the ground. the blast was felt miles away. the fire chief called it a scene

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a massacre claimed 12 lives here. the gunman who knew he was disturbed. >> the latest today, the navy yard will be closed to all except investigators. chuck hagel was here last hour, placing an a wreath in honor of the dead and wounded in building 197. >> that's exactly where the military contract worker and former navy reservist we now know as aaron alexis opened fire, shooting down colleagues with a shotgun, not a semi at maut ick rifle as first believed, though. we're also learning that alexis recently had sought help at two veterans hospitals, reportedly for psychological aissues. we're joined now by our justice correspondent evan perez with the latest on this investigation. get us up to speed on these changes in the details. clearly when these things start to roll out, evan, there are

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anything ic anything. i didn't see anything on him. just that he right in the door. >> the incident leaving those that work there wondering if they've seen alexis before. the shooter's name, his face, ever see it before, hear it before? >> you know what? he's been around. he's been around, you know. when they showed his face on tv, yeah, i know that guy, i've seen him around. >> because he does the same kind of work, i.t. contracting? >> yes. >> do you have any kind of recollection of him, any memory at all? >> fainjust faint. i've seen him around. >> alba gonzalez is another survivor. she and koe workers locked themselves in an office. but in the room next door, she said someone they didn't know barricaded himself inside, s.w.a.t. teams eventually pulling him from the room after they called police to report his behavior. >> when we called the office and

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over money with a defense contractor that alexis was working for. one friend said he was involved in a dispute, didn't feel he was paid properly for some work he had done. but they also said in recent months before he had left the ft. worth area to continue working with the defense contractor that he had seemed to kind of shy away from everyone, spent a lot of time locked up in his room and didn't really come out and talk to anyone anymore. >> he didn't come out of his room much. played a lot online games where they were shooting all the time. we were joking about that sometimes because we were like, his computer screen was lifelike, big and, wow, it's like he's shooting people a lot. >> reporter: we do know that federal investigators are very interested in hearing what his friends here in ft. worth had to say. investigators spent several hours meeting with the owner of the restaurant and other friends. we do know they've been in contact with other friends and other folks in the area, trying to piece together who this man

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