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Phosphorus bombs: What you should know about Russia's alleged use | News

According to Ukrainian officials, Moscow’s troops have used the weapons several times throughout the war.

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152mm Msta-S is Russian killing machine in Ukraine

The Russian Msta-S self-propelled howitzer is the Russian nightmare for Ukraine in a real killing machine in the Ukraine war, a Belgium online portal claims.

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Captive Azovstal defenders make statements under pressure – fighter's wife

Ukrainian defenders of the Azovstal Steel Works, who are staying in Russian captivity, make their statements under pressure, the wife of the commander of the Bears unit of the Azov regiment, Maryna Kravtsova has said.

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Ukraine accuses Russia of dropping white phosphorous on Snake Island after its retreat.

Some observers speculated that the strike was a move to destroy equipment that Russia had abandoned on the island and to complicate any future Ukrainian presence there.

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