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16 family-friendly things to do on Christmas Day in Dubai: from shows and markets to brunches

Christmas is looking a little different this year for many, with the pandemic meaning some people may not be able to travel home to spend the holiday with loved ones.
However, there are plenty of things happening in Dubai for those marking the day in the UAE. Whether it's going to a festive brunch or catching an ice show at Dubai Opera, here are some family-friendly things to do on Friday, December 25.
See the UAE’s largest Christmas tree at The Green Planet
The Christmas tree at The Green Planet. Courtesy The Green Planet
The indoor City Walk rainforest has adorned a 40-metre-tall Kopak tree structure with 300 metres of lights, 60 ornaments and 400 metres of tinsel. The switching-on ceremony happens daily at 5.30pm after the Tropical Thunderstorm experience. When visiting over the festive period, all guests have the opportunity to planet their own seed into organically fertilised soil which they can take home and watch grow.

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