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lifts the year's most wasteful government projects. here's examples. 479 million bucks promoting the doomed obamacare web site. $297 million spent on an army mega blimp that was never used. 914,000 dollars was paste wasted on he goexploring popular roman novels and films. 190,000 spent on printers to create 3-d pizzas for astronauts in space. we can't forget the shrimp on the treadmill project from years ago. senator coburn was on the record every year keeps getting worse. >> image not amazed or shocked any more. i know the stupid incompetent things we do. what is even worse than that book is that the members of congress aren't fixing it at a time when we are almost an 18

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dessert before any flew a single operation mission. >> half were cut up. what do they think about that? >> it doesn't fit with common sense. >> nor did the spending habits of many other agencies. the i say state department spent 670,000 for facebook and twitter accounts. they are studying how congress works for 300,000 dollars. they received nearly a million dollars since 2010 to discover the origins of popular reman med -- romance media. more than twice will be spent on publicity and marketing. he doesn't blame the agency, he blames congress. >> most members of congress are more interested in getting themselves el legislated th-- t they are running the country. >> the gunman opening fire in a

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refused to let employees from planned parenthood teak to his students. he was put on administrative leave in march. he taught in the district for 11 years. the man best known for crashing a dinner party now attempting to crash congress. he will seek the republican nomination for retiring congressman frank wolf's seat in the tenth district. he ran for governor of virginia last january. >> having trouble getting your toddler to sleep at night? you might be putting them to bed a little too early. choosing a bedtime that is out of sink with their bodies causes a sleepless night. that means a child could lie awake playing and then associate bedtime with play time. researchers suggest an 8:00 p.m. bedtime saying toddlers put to bed at that time fell asleep within 30 minutes. can a class of wine a day really keep the doctor away? a new study published by the

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