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Crashed Ice athlete is taking SA to new heights in low temperatures

Crashed Ice athlete is taking SA to new heights in low temperatures
Paul Aegerter took up the relatively new extreme sport of Ice Cross Downhill in his 40s. Now he's doing Mzansi proud in global competitions
02 May 2021 - 00:02 By Paula Andropoulos
When Paul Aegerter told his friends and family he was going to pursue a career in the extreme sport of ice cross downhill, they were vocal about the fact that they thought he'd lost his mind. He was 42 years old at the time.
"Everybody was saying, you're crazy! You're going to break all your bones or die," Aegerter recalls with amusement. But the Zurich-born athlete was adamant that his age wasn't going to deter him from immersing himself in competition — in spite of the fact that he is, by his own admission, "closer to retirement than to rookie age"...

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Ice cross attracts 'Canuck' Croxall

So, it’s no wonder the sport, which started out under the umbrella of extreme sports is inching its way to the mainstream based on increased participation and huge crowds.
The huge crowds are thanks to being part of the great job Red Bull does in highlighting some of the most dramatic sports on the planet. (As an aside if you doubt the dramatic sport comment check out
Red Bull Rampageone of mountain biking's truest test of skill and mental toughness. The event has become the premier freeride competition in the world).
As for ice cross, as noted, it’s about skating and ice, so of course Canadians have taken to the sport, several being in the top echelon of the sport including Kyle Croxall.

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