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Creepy deepfake AI tech makes dead relatives 'wink and blow kisses' in photos

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Creepy deepfake AI tech makes dead relatives 'wink and blow kisses' in photos
A tool that lets you make deep fake videos of your dead relatives – manipulating them to dance, wink, kiss, or even display emotions like "compassion" – has been unveiled by MyHeritage
21:07, 8 APR 2021
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Animate photos with this 'Deep nostalgia' tool

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This 'Deep Nostalgia' tool can bring photos of your loved ones to life
New MyHeritage feature allows you to see people in old family photos blink, move their heads, and smile.
PHOTO: MyHeritage
You can now make photos come to life with the help of MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia tool which has created 72 million photo animations in just five weeks since its launch.
The feature allows you to see the people in old family photos blink, move their heads, and smile.The Deep Nostalgia tool is licensed by MyHeritage from D-ID, a company specializing in video reenactment using deep learning algorithm.

Using MyHeritage app, you can now make your relatives in old photos dance and blow kisses

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Using MyHeritage app, you can now make your relatives in old photos dance and blow kisses
MyHeritage app that brought the dead alivethrough its animations tool has now added more animations to its Deep Nostalgia feature.
Ankita Chakravarti | April 6, 2021 | Updated 16:53 IST
MyHeritage app now added more animations to its Deep Nostalgia feature.
So now apart from blinking, the people in the picture can now dance and blow kissing using the new animations tool.
In order to use the feature, you will have to subscribe to the MyHeritage complete pack to unlock the new animation tools.
MyHeritage app that brought the dead alive through its animations tool has now added more animations to its Deep Nostalgia feature. So now apart from blinking, the people in the picture can now dance and blow kissing using the new animations tool. The genealogy company garnered a mixed response from the users when it rolled out the Deep Nostalgia tool. The tool is used to animate old photos. The subject in the pictures starts moving when you apply the filters.

A new program can animate old photos. But there's nothing human about artificial intelligence

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A new program can animate old photos. But there’s nothing human about artificial intelligence
It’s hard to explain the mix of emotions that spark upon seeing a photo of Frederick Douglass come alive with the click of a button. And yet, there he is, blinking and nodding as if he were just alive yesterday, as if he hadn’t died in 1895, years before film recording became commonplace.
His animated image and others like it — at the same time unsettling, emotional, and a bit fantastical, are made possible by Deep Nostalgia, an artificial intelligence program from the genealogy platform MyHeritage.

MyHeritage adds Deep Nostalgia animations for dancing, kissing and more

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MyHeritage adds Deep Nostalgia animations for dancing, kissing and more
There are new ways to creepily bring old photos to life.
- 01:56
Feeling uncomfortable yet?
MyHeritage, the genealogy company that brought us uncomfortably lifelike animated photos in February, has rolled out new animations for its Deep Nostalgia feature. Now, in addition to tapping artificial intelligence to make people in still pictures blink and look around, you can use the MyHeritage app and website to make subjects dance, nod in approval and blow a kiss. 
The MyHeritage app, which is free to download on the App Store and Google Play, has dominated social media in the last several weeks. People have used the app to animate old images of their late relatives and historical figures and then share them online. Since the Deep Nostalgia feature launched five weeks ago, users have created 72 million animations, according to MyHeritage.  

'Deep Nostalgia' Can Now Make Old Photos of Your Relatives Dance and Blow Kisses

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According to MyHeritage, since the launch of its Deep Nostalgia tool five weeks ago, over 72 million photo animations have been created through its site — and that was with just 10 different options available. Today, the company is doubling the number of unique movements that can be applied to still photos in Deep Nostalgia, including one that finally shows your ancestors getting down to a funky beat.

The creepy technology bringing dead relatives back to life

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The creepy technology bringing dead relatives back to life
A new tool on ancestry website My Heritage, that allows people to create deepfake videos of their deceased relatives, is dividing opinion
26 March 2021 • 6:00am
Travel entrepreneur Becky Davies has very few memories of her father, Peter, who died suddenly when she was two-years-old. 
"My mum doesn't take a lot of pictures, she's just a very live-in-the-moment type person, so we don't have any videos and hardly any photos," says the now 33-year-old, who lives near Chester. 
Then in late February, she saw the company MyHeritage had launched "Deep Nostalgia", an artificial intelligence tool that could generate a "deepfake" video from a single picture and bring photographs of ancestors or the deceased digitally "back to life". 

Best Face Forward

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Over the last 12 months our nation has gone from being, existing, showing ourselves through a picture, to actually showing our face
This winter, new technology was developed that allows users to upload the face of someone, anyone, from any time, and the app will show you how they looked in motion, rather than frozen in time.
(Here’s the official pitch: Deep Nostalgia™ uses deep learning algorithms to produce remarkable results. You can animate any of the faces in your photos to see them move, blink, and smile. It works equally well on black and white photos and photos that were originally taken in color. Share the short animated videos of your ancestors smiling, blinking, and turning their heads with your friends and family and see what they think.)

Fraud in the photo? Gotcha!

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Fraud in the photo? Gotcha!
With Deepfake videos are flooding social media these days, you should know how to identify a bogus clip before forwarding them to friends
Surit Doss
Published 22.03.21, 03:10 AM
With elections around the corner, shocking videos of demagogues making outrageous comments are common, but when right-minded politicians do it too there is something fishy.
Deepfake videos are flooding social media these days. You should know how to identify a bogus clip before forwarding them to friends.
If artificial intelligence (AI) is causing the problem then the solution also lies with AI and machine learning. Sensity is a company that is committed to fighting against such malicious, deepfake videos going around spreading hatred, racism and tarnishing the reputations of individuals and firms. This company was founded in 2018 by machine learning experts and threat intelligence specialists.

The Week Unwrapped: Ireland, Wombo and laser vision

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The Week Unwrapped: Ireland, Wombo and laser vision
Is the Good Friday Agreement unravelling? How much of a threat are AI deepfakes? And can we really now see round corners?
by The Week team
19 Mar 2021
Olly Mann and The Week delve behind the headlines and debate what really matters from the past seven days.
To get six free issues of The Week magazine and a moleskine notebook visit and enter promo code: pod25
In this week’s episode, we discuss:
Irish unease
Brexit was pushed down the news agenda by the second wave of Covid, but its consequences are being felt most keenly in a corner of the UK which voted to remain in the UK. The Irish border is no longer just a border between the north and south of a contested island, but also the EU’s frontier - and the Brexit agreement added a customs border between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The result is that no one is happy - and paramilitary groups are increasingly restive.

How to bring pictures to life using the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia app

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How to bring pictures to life using the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia app
Animate pictures of your loved ones or famous people using the app that's all over TikTok.
- 01:24
You may've seen the videos all over social media of people tearing up as they watch their loved ones come to life in old photos. Using an app from genealogy company MyHeritage and a feature called Deep Nostalgia, they're able to turn headshots into short, animated clips that show the people in them moving and blinking. In the first 48 hours after the tool launched late last month, MyHeritage said more than 1 million photos were animated. 

Everyone's trying Deep Nostalgia to bring old photos alive

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Everyone’s trying Deep Nostalgia to bring old photos alive
MyHeritage genealogy platform introduces a wildly popular made-in-Israel feature enabling users to animate faces from the past.
Screenshot from MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia
Only two weeks after online genealogy platform MyHeritage
debuted its jaw-dropping Deep Nostalgia photo-animation feature,  more than 43 million faces have come to life and a few thousand more photos are being animated every minute.
The Israel-based MyHeritage licensed this sophisticated Live Portrait technology from another Israeli company, D-ID.
“When we released Deep Nostalgia last week at RootsTech Connect 2021,  we knew that lovers of family history would be thrilled to see their beloved ancestors’ faces come to life. We also knew that it had the potential to go viral, and we hoped that would happen, but the extent of its success exceeded our expectations,” Esther of MyHeritage blogged on March 4.

Move over, Deep Nostalgia, this AI app can make Kim Jong-un sing I Will Survive

Move over, Deep Nostalgia, this AI app can make Kim Jong-un sing I Will Survive
Helen Sullivan
If you’ve ever wanted to know what it might be like to see Kim Jong-un let loose at karaoke, your wish has been granted, thanks to an app that lets users turn photographs of anyone – or anything remotely resembling a face – into uncanny AI-powered videos of them lip syncing famous songs.
The app is called Wombo AI, and while the future of artificial intelligence and the ability to make fake videos of real people strikes fear into the hearts of many experts, some say that Wombo could help by raising awareness of “deepfakes”.

Son 'brings grandparents back to life' using deep fake technology

A son has captured the emotional moment his mother and father saw images of their own parents brought to life with deepfake technology. 
Gagandeep Singh Anand, 26, uploaded images of his grandfather Harbans Singh and grandmother Narinder Kaur to the My Heritage website so they could be animated. 
Gagandeep, from Northern California Bay Area, his brother, Ishwardeep Singh Anand, 27, and their friend Abdullah Rashidi were playing about on the website which uses the free technology called Deep Nostalgia to animate photos with strangely realistic results. 
Gagandeep Singh Anand, 26, uploaded images of his grandparents Harbans Singh (left) and Narinder Kaur (right) so they could be animated and shown to his parents 

Deepfake Videos of Eerie Tom Cruise Revive Debate

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A tool that allows old photographs to be animated, and viral videos of a Tom Cruise impersonation, shined new light on digital impersonations.

Look at these famous Russians brought back to life by modern technology

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Look at these famous Russians brought back to life by modern technology
GULAG history museum; MyHeritage
My Heritage’s Deep Nostalgia™ feature lets you animate old family photos. We ran some iconic historical figures through the company’s engine. Below are the results!
If your social network feed has century-old photos, where subjects move, turn their heads, look around, blink and occasionally smile, then you may be familiar with Deep Nostalgia™ from the My Heritage website.
The new technology allows you to animate faces on century-old photographs, so that users can see their ancestors as if they were “alive”.
The feature uses deep learning technology that selects a suitable driver to animate faces on old photographs, in a particular sequence best suited for every individual case.

Your Loved Ones, and Eerie Tom Cruise Videos, Reanimate Unease With Deepfakes

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<p>Emerging technology has captivated many with facial animations based on old photos, but it raises serious questions about the integrity of source materials and the news media, and about the way the technology could further destabilize trust in the news.&nbsp;</p>

A photo animation tool brings your ancestors to life, but it may haunt you. | WTAG

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By Jim Polito
The genealogy website has created a tool that can make any picture appear to be a short video clip. People upload a portrait photo and the software does the rest. It has become increasingly popular because it can take a picture of a relative you never met and make them appear to be alive by smiling, blinking, and moving their head. This is the same technology that is utilized for "deep fakes." These are very real looking video clips of a person doing and saying things created all by artificial intelligence. Deep fakes are often spread on social media to make it appear as if a politician or celebrity has said or done something awful. Tech Talk Guru Craig Peterson has a warning about "Deep Nostalgia." Click below for the podcast.

Bring your old family photos to life with new animation app

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Some have branded the service “creepy”, while others have enjoyed seeing late family members or public figures come back to life.

How Bhagat Singh, and beloved granddads came to life | India News

NEW DELHI: A new AI-powered technology called Deep Nostalgia that animates still photos of people took over social media last week. Many used the software to animate photos of their loved ones, while others tried it out on historical figures such as Bhagat Singh, Kasturba Gandhi and Premchand, and even paintings and sculptures.
Once users upload photos, the tool uses deep learning to animate them. These short soundless video simulations comprise gestures such as smiling, blinking and nodding. Over 10 million images have already been uploaded for Deep Nostalgia since its launch by genealogy website MyHeritage on February 25.
Actor and director Roshan Abbas tried it on photos of his and his wife’s grandfathers. “When I showed it to my 81-year-old father, he was amazed, while my wife’s parents had tears in their eyes.”

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