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JENNI MURRAY: The signs were there when I spoke to Melinda...

Bill and Melinda Gates recently announced that they are getting divorced after 27 years. UK-based columnist Jenni Murray, suspects they are splitting because their interests have diverged.

Hollywood legend George Clooney lands Warburtons ad - and gives 'dough' to charity

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2021 TCM Classic Film Festival Will Feature Scorsese Intros – /Film

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The 2021 TCM Classic Film Festival will feature Martin Scorsese introductions for Mean Streets and Goodfellas.

"F*ck you!": Robert De Niro teams up with Roger Federer in gorgeously sweary ad for Switzerland Tourism – Travel Weekly

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“F*ck you!”: Robert De Niro teams up with Roger Federer in gorgeously sweary ad for Switzerland Tourism
05 May
Switzerland Tourism has recruited the nation’s greatest son and one of history’s greatest actors to star in a new global campaign that’s as gorgeous as it is odd.
Tennis legend, recently appointed ambassador for Switzerland Tourism and self-confessed non-actor Roger Federer has teamed up with Hollywood great Robert De Niro in a spectacular, big-budget spot that will have people packing their bags for Switzerland once the great plague allows.
The ad plays out as Federer tries to cajole New York-based De Niro over to experience the adventurous side the country has to offer.

Kim Kardashian Denies Smuggling Ancient Roman Sculpture Into the United States, Report Says

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According to a civil forfeiture complaint filed in a Los Angeles Court on 30 April, the statue was initially bought by Belgian interior designer Axel Vervoordt, who...

Tom Hanks Movie About Robot And Dog Coming To Apple TV Plus

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Tom Hanks Movie About Robot And Dog Coming To Apple TV Plus
Hanks plays a robotics engineer who builds a robot and teaches it what it means to be alive.
Tom Hanks is staying in business with Apple. Following Apple's acquisition of Hanks' war movie Midway and the new WWII show Masters of the Air, the company has acquired the new Hanks movie Finch.
The sci-fi film, which is directed by Game of Thrones veteran Miguel Sapochnik, follows the story of a robot and a dog. Hanks plays a robotics engineer, and one of only a handful of survivors from a cataclysmic solar event. He is living underground with his dog, Goodyear. Hanks' character builds a robot, who will be played by Caleb Landry Jones (Get Out), with the idea that this robot will take care of Goodyear after Hanks' character passes away.

Amazon Leases Wildflower Warehouse in Woodmere, Near JFK

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450 West 31st Street, New York, NY 10001 Phone: 212-260-1332
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These Are the 100 Best 90s Movies

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These Are the 100 Best 90s Movies
Jason Kessler, Stacker News
On 5/3/21 at 8:00 PM EDT
The 1990s represent a magical decade in pop culture history. The O.J. Simpson trial, gangster rap, Must See TV, grunge music, and
Friends dominated water cooler conversations, while the internet was just beginning to grab the attention of the world and hit college computer labs. While all of this was happening, incredible movies from big-budget blockbusters to quiet love stories were being released nearly every weekend at movie theaters around the world. Advances in computer-generated imagery gave audiences both the scariest dinosaurs they'd ever seen (

Mike Myers gives his wife Kelly Tisdale a kiss in New York City

Mike Myers gives his wife Kelly Tisdale a kiss in New York City
Brian Gallagher For
© Provided by Daily Mail
MailOnline logo
Mike Myers wound down his weekend by hanging out with his wife Kelly Tisdale and a few friends on Sunday afternoon.
The 57-year-old actor and his 44-year-old wife were spotted at an outdoor patio section in New York City.
The Austin Powers star was seen giving his wife a kiss, while sporting a recently-shaved buzz cut hairstyle, slightly reminiscent of his Dr. Evil look from Austin Powers.
© Provided by Daily Mail
Myers stepped out wearing a black hooded Nike windbreaker with a navy blue New Balance hat covering his head.

Scarface And The Untouchable TV Series In the Works – /Film

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Posted on Monday, May 3rd, 2021 by Chris Evangelista
The story of Al Capone and Eliot Ness will be dramatized yet again, this time for the Showtime series 
Scarface and the Untouchable. The series is based on the non-fiction book by Max Allen Collins and A. Brad Schwartz, and “chronicles the lives of gangster Al Capone and his lawman nemesis, Eliot Ness in Prohibition-era Chicago.” The tale of Capone and Ness has been told before in multiple forms of media, including the 
Untouchables TV series which in turn inspired Brian De Palma’s stylish, very entertaining, and highly fictionalized film 
The Untouchables, starring Robert De Niro as Capone and Kevin Costner as Ness.

What Just Happened movie review (2008)

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Julia Phillips' famous autobiography was titled,
You' ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again.Barry Levinson and Art Linson will. At this point, if you're going to make a film about Hollywood greed, hypocrisy and lust, you have to be willing to burn your bridges. There's not a whole lot in "What Just Happened?" that would be out of place in a good "SNL" skit.
Linson is an A-list producer ("Fight Club," "Into the Wild") who wrote this screenplay based on his memoir, subtitled
Bitter Hollywood Tales From the Front Line. He knows where the bodies are buried and who buried them, but he doesn't dig anybody up or turn anybody in. If you want to see a movie that Rips the Lid Off Tinseltown, just go ahead and watch Robert Altman's "The Player" (1992). Altman took no hostages. He didn't give a damn. And the book and screenplay he started with were by Michael Tolkin, who was closer to the front line and a lot more bitter. He didn't give a damn, either.

Pawhuska gets makeover as Scorsese films 'Killers of the Flower Moon'

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PAWHUSKA — On a recent sunny spring Saturday, people stroll the sidewalks of downtown Pawhuska, swinging shopping bags from the popular Pioneer Woman Mercantile, taking snapshots of the quaint brick buildings and wandering in and out of stores with their doors open to the customers and the breeze. 
Inside the boutique The Honey Pot, mother-and-daughter co-owners Penney Johnson and Amber Hurd last weekend gazed out at the familiar sight, which they won't be seeing for the next two and a half months. 
"This is going to be a jewelry store in the movie. They're going to cover the road in dirt — complete dirt — all the way from my corner all the way up to the hill," Hurd said. "They're going to take all my windows out, they're going to take my awnings off, and they're going to make it look like the 1920s."

Every Zac Efron Movie, Ranked

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Every Zac Efron Movie, Ranked
From serious period dramas to bro comedies, Zac Efron has quite the range. Here we rank the actor’s movies from worst to best.
3 May 2021
3 May 2021
Let’s face it,
we all love Zac Efron. If you don’t love Zac Efron, it’s just because you haven’t awakened to it yet, but don’t worry, you will.
Given Zefron is now a very much
welcome fixture of Australian life, I decided now makes for the perfect time (read: excuse) to journey back through his filmography and come up with the all-time definitive ranking of the movies he has starred in. I must admit, it says a lot about Zac Efron’s charm that I STILL love him after watching some of these stinkers.

Anya Taylor-Joy Plays Ask Me Anything and Talks About '90s Nostalgia

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Anya Taylor-Joy sits down with ELLE for Ask Me Anything​, chatting with us about Robert De Niro, what makes her nostalgic, and the movie scene that gets her every time.

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