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Here's to Half Off: Enjoy 50% off F&B when you dine at Clarke Quay in March 2021

Here’s to Half Off: Enjoy 50% off F&B when you dine at Clarke Quay in March 2021
Last Updated: March 26, 2021
Each evening, Clarke Quay is steeped in incessant bustle of hungry hopefuls looking to catch some post-work grub, and professionals winding down for the day with a handful of drinks and colleagues whom they
actually like. It’s the chatter and laughter all around that form the hallmark of the nighttime district, and an indication that life has resumed some form of normalcy. All is right with the world.
A unique conserved historical landmark along our iconic Singapore River, Clarke Quay is of walking distance from both Fort Canning and Clarke Quay MRT Station, boasting broad interconnectivity and utmost convenience. Here, you’ll find more than 50 restaurants, wine bars, and entertainment spots across five blocks of restored shophouses and warehouses—endowing the area with an unparalleled rustic charm. But you already know the works.

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