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FBI: Cuba ransomware raked in $60 million from over 100 victims

The FBI and CISA revealed in a new joint security advisory that the Cuba ransomware gang raked in over $60 million in ransoms as of August 2022 after breaching more than 100 victims worldwide.

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Cuba ransomware infections of US organizations have doubled in last year, feds say

Many of the organizations targeted by the group are designated as critical infrastructure, with the agencies flagging the financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing and information technology sectors as top targets.

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Help Me, LP! What currency should I use in Cuba?

Lonely Planet's Cuba expert Brendan Sainsbury explains why right now euros are the best foreign currency to bring into the country.

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SVG-CUBA friendship society welcome's the Cuban President

St Vincent and the Grenadines-Cuba Friendship Society extends an unreserved and wholehearted welcome to Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel and his delegation on the occasion of this weekend’s visit to our country. Though Cuba is an integral part of the Caribbean, indeed the largest Caribbean island, the distance in geography and, since Cuba’s Revolution of 1959 have been such as to make our respective peoples doubt whether we would ever witness such an occasion. Today we have that privilege,  exercising our rights as a free and independent nation.

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Crunch time: The baguette gets UN world heritage status

Designation comes as France warns of a “continuous decline” in the number of traditional bakeries

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Global leaders pay tribute to 'friend' Jiang

Foreign leaders have sent messages to President Xi Jinping or through other channels to express their deep condolences over the passing of Jiang Zemin.

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