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Impossible Objects, Owens Corning to produce new high-performance 3D printing materials

Carbon fiber/PEEK and fiberglass/PEEK solder pallets produced with the Impossible Objects’ CBAM-2 printer. These parts, used in electronics manufacturing, must withstand high temperatures and harsh chemicals.. Photo Credit: Impossible Objects
Impossible Objects (Northbrook, Ill., U.S.) has announced a joint development agreement with Owens Corning (Toledo, Ohio, U.S.) to develop new materials for Impossible Objects’ composite-based additive manufacturing (CBAM) process.
The collaboration with Owens Corning, a global building and industrial materials leader, will reportedly enable the production of stronger parts at costs lower than other 3D printing processes. According to Impossible Objects, fiberglass composites boast key advantages for 3D-printed parts, including substantially greater strength-to-weight ratios compared to aluminum, lower costs, superior high-temperature performance and greater chemical resistance. Lowering material cost is important for broadening adoption of additive manufacturing (AM); research has shown that costs of materials used in 3D printing can be higher than traditional manufacturing materials by up to a factor of eight on a per-weight basis.

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Remembering John O’Brien
Much like the books he published, John O’Brien (1945–2020) was a complicated man. He was an idealist who devoted his life to a self-described “quixotic enterprise” of creating a repository for strange, innovative fiction from around the world—fiction that would stay in print forever, for future generations of readers to discover and wonder at.
John had impeccable taste in literature. He especially liked French and Eastern European literature that toyed with ideas of repetition and variation, frequently centered around a hapless narrator who struggles to understand what’s happening to him. Through the
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