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John wayne gacy: Live Updates : : Live Updates Every Minute from 25K+ News Agencies Across the Globe

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Google censors shopping searches for Kyle Rittenhouse t-shirts

A search in the shopping tab shows zero results.

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What turns someone into a serial killer?

Psychological therapist and crime commentator Emma Kenny offers a chilling look into The Serial Killer Next Door – and what we might be able to do to protect ourselves.

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Man Calls Black Health Officer 'Aunt Jemima' During San Diego Meeting

The chair of the board of supervisors said meetings had become a game to see how "offensive" someone could be.

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Ian Mond Reviews The Escapement by Lavie Tidhar

The magazine of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror field with news, reviews, and author interviews

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Michael Myers 'Halloween' Actor Interviews - 9 Men Who've Played Michael Myers on the Role The Shape

This is what it’s like to portray one of the most legendary—and least emotive—characters in cinema history. 

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Vancouver collector runs Canada's largest store for murderous relics

Vancouver’s own Cult Collectables hosts Canada’s largest for sale collection of items connected to killers like Charles Manson and Robert Pickton.

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The Week That Was: Another Gacy victim identified, masks optional in Elk Grove, rants in schools

Cook County investigators identify another of serial killer John Wayne Gacy's previously unknown victims. Elk Grove Village's mayor declares the village mask-optional. Lisle District 202 investigates a staffer's rant, while a Geneva teacher resigns over hers. DuPage going all-paper balloting.

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Halloween: Psychologists reveal why people are scared of clowns

With Halloween on the horizon, MailOnline spoke to a number of psychologists across Britain to get their thoughts about the causes of so-called coulrophobia.

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North Carolina man identified as victim of John Wayne Gacy

For more than 40 years, Francis Wayne Alexander was known as Victim #5. John Wayne Gacy was convicted of killing 33 young men and boys in the 1970s.

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'A great sense of relief:' Nags Head Police get big break in 30-year-old cold case

A breakthrough in DNA evidence led to the arrest of two people accused of being connected to the death of an unidentified baby whose remains were found in Nags Head

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Inside death row inmates' last meals from one olive to lump of DIRT

THE number of death sentences has dropped dramatically over the last two decades, however, state-ordered executions are still legal in 27 states.In mo

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DNA brings closure to family of John Wayne Gacy victim

Francis Wayne Alexander's family spent more than 40 years wondering what had happened to him.

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