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March Mailbag: Invest Like a Girl | The Motley Fool

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Apr 13, 2021 at 7:38PM
Just starting out? Sharing your passion with your family? Reflecting on life's challenges? Bring it on! This is why we invest. In this episode of
Rule Breaker Investing, Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner is joined by Motley Fool analysts Maria Gallagher, Karl Thiel, and Rick Munarriz to tackle your questions and stories.
To catch full episodes of all The Motley Fool's free podcasts, check out our podcast center. To get started investing, check out our quick-start guide to investing in stocks. A full transcript follows the video.
This video was recorded on March 31, 2021.
David Gardner: I don't know that we've had a more special month for the

What Did the Stock Market Do Today? 3 Big Stories to Catch Up On.

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So what did the stock market do today? All eyes are on the Coinbase IPO and crypto price predictions ahead of the Wednesday debut.

Terry Smith's knockout payday caps journey from East End underdog to City champ

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Terry Smith's knockout payday caps journey from East End underdog to City champ
In just over a decade since the Square Mile boss launched his 'Ryanair of asset management' flagship fund it has become Britain’s largest
14 April 2021 • 6:00am
Terry Smith, one of Britain's best-known fund managers, has bagged a bumper payday of up to £125m after a record profit at his investment firm.
The entrepreneur's business Fundsmith generated profits of £48.5m in the year to March 2020, up from £26.4m the year before - entitling the fund manager to £29.7m, a 61pc share.
Ballooning payments from the British business to its Mauritius outpost mean that Smith, a resident of the Indian Ocean island, could have received a far higher figure even than this. Mauritius-based Fundsmith Investment Services Limited charged the business £158m during the year, up from £116m over the previous 12 months.

Hundreds of Companies Unite to Oppose Voting Limits, but Others Abstain

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Hundreds of Companies Unite to Oppose Voting Limits, but Others Abstain
Amazon, Google, G.M. and Starbucks were among those joining the biggest show of solidarity by businesses over legislation in numerous states.
From left, Kenneth Frazier, the chief executive of Merck; Kenneth Chenault, a former chief of American Express; Mary T. Barra, who runs General Motors; and Kevin Johnson, who runs Starbucks.Credit...From left, Getty Images; Mike Cohen for The New York Times; Paul Sancya/Associated Press; Jason Redmond/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
April 14, 2021, 12:00 a.m. ET
Amazon, BlackRock, Google, Warren Buffett and hundreds of other companies and executives signed on to a new statement, expected to be released on Wednesday, opposing “any discriminatory legislation” that would make it harder for people to vote.

Apple may launch new iPad Pro models, other products in April 20 event

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Apple may launch new iPad Pro models, other products in April 20 event
Apple's cryptic invitation for the media did not give much away and read: "Spring Loaded."
Reuters | April 14, 2021 | Updated 11:01 IST
Apple Inc said on Tuesday it was holding a special event on April 20, with many expecting the tech giant to launch new iPad Pro models and other products ahead of its annual developers' conference in June.
Apple's cryptic invitation for the media did not give much away and read: "Spring Loaded." The event will be live-streamed on the company's website from its campus in Cupertino, California, it added.
Earlier, Apple's virtual assistant Siri, which is known for stone walling curious Apple fans quizzing it about new products and upcoming events by directing them to the company's website, prematurely revealed the iPhone maker's plan to hold an event next Tuesday.

Largecap mutual funds: Which mutual fund categories to choose for lower volatility and better returns?

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Patience is the key to reaping the benefits of the market, so one has to remain invested over longer periods, writes Alok Agarwal.

MIPTV: Korean Formats Vying to Be Next 'Masked Singer'

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'Dish is Alive'
These quirky but undeniably watchable new formats include the latest hit Korean singing show and a cooking competition involving bringing animated meals to life, plus impressively abstract formats that question the value of time and first impressions of strangers.
South Korean format producers taking part in this week's digital MIPTV will be Zooming into the international television trade show from a position of uncommon strength.
Just as BTS and Bong Joon-ho have elevated K-pop and Korean cinema to the pinnacle of global pop culture in recent years, Korean format producers have been consistently punching above their weight in the international TV space.

Emirates News Agency - UAE Press: Is cryptos' recognition long overdue?

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ABU DHABI, 14th April, 2021 (WAM) -- A UAE English daily has highlighted the emerging relevance of cryptocurrencies.

In its editorial on Wednesday, Khaleej Times said, "Blow people’s minds’ and ‘force traditional finance to wrestle with the phenomenal growth’. Among other things, these are the descriptions stemming from the much-anticipated listing of Coinbase on the Nasdaq today, and the hype is warranted."

The newspaper noted, "While Bitcoin’s explosion may bring more questions than answers, one thing is clear: cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Crusaders tout...

Worried About a Stock Market Crash? 5 Ways to Be Ready

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Author Bio
Robin Hartill is a Florida-based personal finance writer and editor, and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.™ She is a graduate of the University of Florida.
There's no point in worrying about a stock market crash because you know at some point, it's going to happen. The stock market undergoes a correction of at least 10% about once every 1.84 years. Major crashes, like the COVID-19 crash of 2020, happen about once a decade.
Since you know it's coming, the only thing you can do is prepare. Here are five ways to be ready.
Image source: Getty Images.
1. Get your emergency fund in shape

Words of great business owners to inspire you to success

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Words of great business owners to inspire you to success
Achieving success is an intentional process that requires ambition, dedication, discipline, motivation, passion, and consistency. Every entrepreneur has no choice but to hold steadfastly to their dreams and visions, however, most fall out when challenges arise. 
Having successful mentors and few great words to guide you can positively impact the pace of your drive and push you to achieve the success that will not only benefit you but the world around you. Whether you need a motivational, inspiration, or a hard nudge in the right direction these 20 inspirational business quotes are sure to set off a chain of innovative ideas and keep you going in a successful direction.

3 of Warren Buffett's Biggest Billion-Dollar Blunders

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One mistake has cost the Oracle of Omaha at least $31 billion in potential gains.

Pinduoduo CEO Chen Lei On Why It Doesn't Take a Genius To Run the Consumer Internet Giant

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Opinions expressed by
Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
When Chen Lei strode onstage to receive his gold medal at the 1996 International Olympiad in Informatics, held that year in Veszprem, Hungary, it should be the happiest day of his life.
After all, he had just won top honors at the most prestigious computer science competition in the world for secondary school students. Instead, the teenager from China felt a sense of emptiness precisely because he had trumped many other competitors on the way to the podium.
Chen would go on to study computer science at the prestigious Tsinghua University and obtain a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Now 41, Chen was appointed Chairman of Pinduoduo this month, adding to his role as CEO of one of the world’s fastest-growing consumer Internet companies. He replaces founder Colin Huang, who has stepped back from the company to pursue research in the food and life sciences.

What Type Of Returns Would Vastned Retail Belgium's(EBR:VASTB) Shareholders Have Earned If They Purchased Their Shares Five Years Ago?

Ideally, your overall portfolio should beat the market average. But every investor is virtually certain to have both...

Amazon, BlackRock, Google among hundreds of companies united on opposition to voting limits

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The Globe and Mail
David Gelles and Andrew Ross Sorkin
The New York Times
Amazon, BlackRock, Google, Warren Buffett and hundreds of other companies and executives signed on to a new statement, expected to be released Wednesday, opposing “any discriminatory legislation” that would make it harder for people to vote.
It was the biggest show of solidarity by the business community as companies around the country try to navigate the partisan uproar over Republican efforts to enact new election rules in almost every state. Senior Republicans, including former President Donald Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell, have called for companies to stay out of politics.

What Makes The Masters Such a Great Event?

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What Makes The Masters Such a Great Event?
Even non-golf enthusiasts are likely to have heard of the Masters, but what exactly is so special? It certainly isn’t the only golfing tournament in existence and it isn’t even the only one that lots of people like – but it is the one that lots of people have heard of. 
Held at Augusta National, it is played at one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the world. It is only in the last 10 years that women were allowed to become members and it has a whole host of famous members such as Bill Gates & Warren Buffett, although the exact member list remains top secret.

Multitude of businesses show support for voters' rights

The pushback against new voting bills and laws in numerous states is growing with dozens of nation's largest corporations and business leaders signing a new statement objecting to “any...

What UK investors need to know about the Coinbase IPO

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Even by recent stock market standards there's a serious hullabaloo surrounding the Coinbase listing today - and with trading US shares proving increasingly popular, some British investors will be considering buying in.
Coinbase is expected to sail near a $100billion valuation with its direct listing and stock exchange Nasdaq has set its reference price at $250 a share. 
Here, This is Money outlines the key points investors need to know about Coinbase, and its stock market launch and how UK-based investors will be able to trade its shares. 
Big business: Founded in 2012, Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange company
What is Coinbase? 

Follow Warren Buffett Into These 3 Pharma Companies

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Apr 14, 2021 at 7:13AM
Warren Buffett is regarded as one of the world's quintessential value investors. Following the teachings of his business school professor Benjamin Graham, Buffett has made a legendary career for himself by buying companies for less than what he sees as their true value. He recently made purchases of three large-cap pharmaceutical companies,
AbbVie (NYSE: ABBV),
Bristol Myers Squibb (NYSE: BMY), and
Merck (NYSE:MRK). Let's explore the ways they offer a great opportunity for everyday investors, too. 
Image source: Getty Images.
Spun off from
Abbott Labs in 2013, AbbVie is one of the newer pharmaceutical companies on the market. However, the young company's management team wasted no time developing breakthrough drugs and driving sales to generate huge returns for shareholders. One of its more recent successes, Humira (for Crohn's disease), was the world's best-selling drug in 2020, with revenue of nearly $20 billion. This and several other leading products, including Skyrizi (for psoriasis) and Rinvoq (for rheumatoid arthritis), have helped drive AbbVie's stock price up nearly 228% since inception. 

Business Pushback to Voting Laws Gains Momentum

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Business Pushback to Voting Laws Gains Momentum
Opposition to the new legislation has been increasing and it's coming from sources that historically have steered clear of public statements related to politics.
Apr 14th, 2021
In this May 5, 2019, file photo Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, smiles as he plays bridge following the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting in Omaha, Neb. A multitude of big-name businesses and high-profile individuals, including Buffett, Amazon and Facebook are showing their support for voters’ rights. In a letter published in The New York Times, the group stressed that Americans should be allowed to cast ballots for the candidates of their choice. “For American democracy to work for any of us, we must ensure the right to vote for all of us,” they wrote.

$1,000 Invested in Air Canada (TSX:AC) Stock Last April Would Be Worth This Much Today

Image source: Getty Images
It’s just been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic drove equity markets into bear market territory. Major indices wiped off 35% in investor wealth as the dreaded virus decimated companies in the airline, travel, hospitality, retail, energy, and restaurant space. Shares of
Air Canada (TSX:AC) were trading near record highs at the start of 2020. It was in fact one of the best-performing stocks on the
TSX in the prior decade delivering gains of 3,500% in that period.
However, Air Canada stock fell from $52 in January 2020 to a multi-year low of $9.5 in March. The stock managed to double in the next month to trade at $19.43 in April last year. This means the stock is up close to 40% in the last 12 months Thus, a $1,000 investment in Air Canada stock 12-months back would be worth close to 1,400% today.

These C.E.O.s Didn't Sign Onto a Letter Defending Voting Rights

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Hundreds of leaders and companies signed a letter opposing strict limits. They did not.

Corporate pushback against restrictive voting measures gains momentum

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Signatories to the letter include Amazon, American Airlines, Bank of America, Google and Best Buy, as well as hundreds of business and civic leaders

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