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Date : 20210224

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News Article : Is virtual learning the future of work?

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Is virtual learning the future of work?

The working environment has changed over the past year. Social distancing restrictions mean that many people have been obligated to work from home. This has affected work across many sectors -- particularly when it comes to training.

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Date : 20210217

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News Article : The Surrey schools praised by parents for going 'above and beyond' to teach children during lockdown

The Surrey schools praised by parents for going 'above and beyond' to teach children during lockdown

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Date : 20210208

Source :

News Article : Emerging from the pandemic – the future of workplaces

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Emerging from the pandemic – the future of workplaces

While working from home has brought rapid adoption of new technologies and shifting perspectives on working outside of the office, how might the demand for office space be impacted?

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Date : 20210129

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News Article : Horoscopes 06/11/2020 | Horoscopes

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