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Los Angeles 'serial killer' suspected of slaying 3 homeless people in four-day spree: 'Do not sleep alone tonight'

Three homeless people were killed on the streets of Los Angeles this week -- and police believe a serial killer is behind the fatal shootings.

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NYC man fatally stabs mother in Bay Ridge home: NYPD

A man stabbed his mother to death inside their Bay Ridge home after suspecting that she was poisoning him.

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NYC man Michael Pinder accused of stabbing elderly roommate to death released without bail, claims self-defense

Michael Pinder, 70, accused of fatally knifing his elderly roommate during a brawl at their Manhattan senior residence was released without bail Thursday after claiming he acted in self-defense.

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Woman charged in Michael Latt's murder stalked director pal

Michael Latt, the founder of the marketing firm Lead With Love, was allegedly targeted by suspect Kameelah Michl for being friends with filmmaker A.V. Rockwell, who officials said she had been stalking for months.

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Missing 17-year-old girl's remains found in neighbor's yard

The body of 17-year-old Valerie Tindall, who had been missing since June, was discovered stuffed inside a homemade box buried in the yard of her next-door neighbor and boss, 59-year-old Patrick Scott.

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LA social justice advocate, Michael Latt, shot and killed by homeless intruder

Michael Latt, the founder of the social justice group "Lead With Love" was shot and killed by Jameelah Elena Michl, a homeless woman, who broke into Latt's house in the Mid-Wilshire neighborhood on Monday.

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