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Actress Reshma Pasupuleti joins the cast of Sitaraman as Nancy

'Sitaraman' continues to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative, relatable characters, and stellar performances. With Reshma Pasupuleti's e

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Hospital staff fulfills hospice patient's final wish to attend son's wedding

A hospice patient in Fall River was able to attend his son's wedding, thanks to the help of some healthcare workers.

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Growing awareness of cervical cancer: Nancy

LABUAN: The increase in the number of women undergoing the human papillomavirus deoxyribonucleic acid (HPV DNA) test across the nation signals a heightened awareness among them regarding early detection and preventive measures of cervical cancer.

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'I need help' SA woman in need discovers someone else set up a GoFundMe in her name

GoFundMe pages have helped Fox SA viewers raise thousands of dollars for a wide variety of expenses; including funeral costs and medical bills.As Fox SA's Probl

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Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo

when nancy mace was chastising him, but i think he also knew what i was about to bring up. you see, i've been going after hunter for violating the mann act, and that's trafficking women across state lines. and this is a very serious crime, and we have evidence of that on our oversight committee through our investigation, and i was going to bring that up, and i think he knew it. another thing that i found disturbing was his sugar daddy right there, kevin morris, that seems to be bankrolling hunter biden and is also the top buyer of hunter biden's art that we are beginning an investigation looking into his art because it e seems like he's doing the same business he's been doing which is selling out his daddy's power and selling out joe biden's political favors and influence. and that's a serious concern of ours on oversight. maria, i think it told everyone who hunter did not want to hear from, and that was me.

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Jesse Watters Primetime

you would think he would have the economic plan memorized by now. now. the iowa caucus is monday. trump has been to iowa 13 times since july. biden hasn't been there for over a year. and despite biden trying to tie him down in court, trump has done 30-foot campaign stop since the summer. biden has done just about half of that, and most of those "campaign stops" have been pennsylvania, maryland, and delaware. biden must think he's got it in the bag. dance does. >> this is a neck and neck race, and no one feels very comfortable on the democratic side of things that donald trump isn't going to be the next president. >> well, i don't think nobody feels, i think many of us know that isn't possible for him to be the president again. >> jesse: not possible? what does that mean? nancy either knows something, or she hasn't been watching "jesse watters primetime," because here is biden's base from the other night. >> who do you want to enact the

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The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle

The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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Jesse Watters Primetime

influence peddling scheme, this is the only political accomplishment he's hapeddlingds tired, long career. >> what is it about thesey lo politicianng cs, though, kelly? i mean, you got nancy's up piden iyou got biden's u there. i mean, you have senators literally dying in the senats e. it's the only place where you can just continuite to do your job even though you're not doing it. >> and no one seems to get the hint and everyone seems to forget that politics was never supposed to be a career. e a civilbecaus to b service that you performed because you loved your country and yoe r countrd you loved youw citizens. and of course, that's too much citi of theparty. democratic party. and you notice that no one from the democratic establishment besides a few big names like david axelrobed, are asking for biden to step aside. ofd i think that's because they don't really need him. of course, they don't have anyone to replace himyone t with, but he's justhead a figurehead. the fact that biden didn't even know. e fact t that his own defenseser secretary was a wolf for a week shows meet that thisminist

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Jesse Watters Primetime

>> sink or swim. let's do it. tonight we have sean duffyhe's and julie banderas who claim she's undefeated. >> eve n though she's lost once. >> well, just like a cheater. i told you that. that's right. the democrats always cheat. all right, here' 5s the categorr 9 to 5. >> joe biden is barely campaigning because he's workingg hard and there's only so many hours in a day. in thewho said this? was it jill biden or nancy o pelosi? oh, the wife sticking up foringp her poor husband. poor husband. china has paid him >> let's say: let' he's the president of the united states. a very challenging job. there are soenging hours in theg that she cares because jill said somethin g almost the same. yes, i believe she has. she's defensive all the time. all right. >> so you're both over. doesn't matter. not so dry. t so djanuary. while everybody else is cutting back on the . which reasonze? admitte >> we fired anchor admitted on the podcast that they were recentlyast they downing 30 dris a week. don lemon or robach.

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