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Climate justice of another sort | The Manila Times

IN a rather satisfying development at the end of last week, a jury in the Washington, D.C. Superior Court unanimously found conservative commentators Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg liable for defamation against noted climate scientist Michael Mann, awarding Mann $1 million in damages. Although Steyn said he would appeal the verdict, it likely brings to an end a case that has dragged on for 12 years and sought unsuccessfully to put climate science itself on trial.

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Diplomacy Over Discord: India and Maldives Will Sort Out Issues Bilaterally

COLOMBO (News 1st)  President Ranil Wickremesinghe said India and Maldives would resolve the issues between them "bilaterally", emphasi - Get the latest breaking news and top stories from Sri Lanka, the latest political news, sports news, weather updates, exam results, business news, entertainment news, world news and much more from News 1st, Sri Lanka's leading news network.

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Social media firms can't be let 'off the hook' for deadly sextortion of kids, Eby says

B.C. Premier David Eby says social media companies need to be held accountability in wake of two teens dying by suicide because of online sexual extortion scams

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Will the Government's plans to tackle crime and justice work? - The Front Page

The number of new police officers the Government can train, and how quickly, is just one issue for the coalition to sort out as it aims to get a handle on...

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israel really seems to be tightening the circle around khan younis, which is where the hostages are believed to be held were also hamas leadership is believed to reside, i think we can assume that hamas price for releasing these meaning group of hostages to the extent any of them are life, which is one of the big unknowns, their price will be high. they will want to see in and, certainly, to his residence offensive will stop they might have significant billing me more exhausting demands are first time around when they use the initial group of hostages to buy some time and space and get some aid into the strip. the cost in gaza _ some aid into the strip. the cost in gaza has _ some aid into the strip. the cost in gaza has been - cost in gaza has been unimaginable, they have mass run health ministry they are seen more than 2a,000 people have died from israel's campaign. do you think the us should be putting more pressure on israel to go back to the new bushing people and find some sort of solution to end the

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especially for our younger generation, they tend to farm and have some sort of off farm job, usually related to agriculture, like selling crop insurance or being an agricultural lending, and there can be issues that flare—up a month the last time we saw a big change in the agricultural economy due to the presidency would be with president trump. when he got into the trade conflict with china. there's a sense of mistrust, if you will, from us farmers about, especially in the chinese markets, specifically. iowa citizens pride _ markets, specifically. iowa citizens pride themselves i markets, specifically. iowa i citizens pride themselves on first in a nation status and their spirit, so despite the cold conditions, they are determined up to caucus. as to who they would vote for, that is the question. all will soon be revealed. caucus and will

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the follow up video. narrated by a third hostage who would appears to still be alive, who says the other two were killed in israeli air strikes. were killed in israeli it is important to stress that the hostage is speaking under duress and that hamas has provided no evidence for that claim that these two men were killed in israeli air strikes. but it is deeply upsetting for all the families concerned. israel says more than 100 hostages are still being held by hamas. and there is no sign, as yet that negotiations to free them, are making any progress. joining me live is michael singh,managing director at the washington institute for near east policy.more good to have you in bbc news, i don't want to start with the situation still facing more than 100 hostages being held in gaza. what would it take at this point to reallyjump—start the negotiations again? to lead to some sort of cease—fire and an agreement to get hostages released? , ., , , �*, released? obviously it's the traumatic — released? obviously it's the traumatic issue _ released? obviously it's the traumatic issue for - released? obviously it's the traumatic issue for israelis i traumatic issue for israelis but these folks are a bargaining chip for hamas. as

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