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Uncharted Movie: Everything You Need to Know, From Casting to Trailers

The Uncharted video game series is being adapted for the big screen. Here's everything we know about the Uncharted movie so far.

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Uncharted Movie Starring Tom Holland: Movie Trailer, Release Date and Movie Cast

Uncharted is a movie of adventure directed by Ruben Fleischer casting Tom Holland and others. The official trailer of the movie is out now:

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The Uncharted movie trailer has leaked – and it looks pretty authentic to the games

A teaser trailer for the upcoming Uncharted movie has leaked ahead of its proper unveiling this week and contains a classic game moment.

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Tom Holland Swings Into Another Franchise As Nathan Drake In First 'Uncharted' Trailer

The prequel to the massively popular video game series is finally coming to theaters after more than a decade in development.

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Uncharted Movie Pushed Back to 2022 Release Date

Uncharted Movie Pushed Back to 2022 Release Date
Uncharted movie has been moved to 2022. The company announced that the Tom Holland vehicle will be moved to February 11th of next year according to Deadline. Nathan Drake’s big movie has been pushed back multiple times now. First, they had to find a new star and recovered nicely with the Spider-Man star. But, lately the pushback has been mostly due to the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the sliding around on the part of Sony had some fans worried about
Marvel’s Spider-Man 3. But, with the PlayStation brand’s latest announcement, the movie shouldn’t have any effect on the larger MCU timeline. However, that would tie some things up as far as scheduling goes in the next year. So many blockbuster films have been shuffled around in the past few months that planning for something as far as four years in the future feels like a fool’s errand right now.

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New Uncharted Movie Photos Tease the Mysterious Adventure – /Film

Nathan Drake is said to be a descendant of Sir Francis Drake, and he’s picked up the same habit of exploring the far corners of the world, looking for historic locations full of lost treasures. Perhaps that’s Sir Francis Drake featured in that statue above and this will be some kind of set-up that leads into a sequel that will find Nathan uncovering the secrets of El Dorado and tracking down the lost pirate gold of Henry Avery. That’s what happened in the game franchise, so using that story for a sequel would make sense.
The golden cross with the jewels was featured in one of the images released back in October, but here it’s missing another piece that appeared to be interlocked with it. There’s also another cross sitting on the table while a second shows the cross being used as a key to unlock a chest of some kind. Meanwhile, the map is an intriguing detail, since it appears to be from far back in the past when Australia hadn’t been fully mapped out yet. For history buffs, that might provide some idea of what time period the treasure at the center of the movie will come from.

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Uncharted Movie - New Images Revealed For New Years

January 2, 2021 10:07 AM EST
The official Twitter page for the Uncharted movie shared several shots, some of them slightly enigmatic, as we celebrated the end of 2020
New images from the upcoming
A new year. A new adventure awaits. #UnchartedMoviepic.twitter.com/iHiKm6OWpy
The images feature close-ups of what appear to be maps, a statue and a seemingly significant artifact that is used in the film. While there is a hand in one photo, it is unclear as to whom it belongs to.
Uncharted has had a somewhat troubled production. Originally scheduled for a 2016 release, the film went through numerous delays, re-configurations, a cycle of different directors and actors since it was announced over 10 years ago.

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