Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - BBCNEWS - 2020100

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - BBCNEWS - 20201009:09:04:00

inconceivable proportions if the kitchen. she was very worried about what lies ahead and i do not think world food programme and otherfood assistance organisations to not she is the only one. as we have seen today, the economy grew by 2.1% in receive the financial support they have requested. the link between august. expectations were that it was going to be higher than that. i will give you some context, last month, sorry be months before hunger and armed conflict is a august, july, it was 6.6%. so bit of vicious circle. war and conflict can a plunge there and something people we re a plunge there and something people were not expecting. paul dales is cause food insecurity and hunger, the chief economics at capital just as hunger and food insecurity economics. he is here now to talk can cause latent conflict to about these gdp figures. thank you flareā€”up and trigger the use of for coming on at. first, let's get violence. we will never achieve the your response, because i right in thinking you thought that the gdp goal of zero hunger unless we also figure in august was going to be higher? yes, we did. we thought that it might increase by about 5% rather perch and an to war and armed than the 2.1% increase. we did conflict. the norwegian nobel always expect the pace of the recovery to slow at some point, it committee wishes to emphasise that hasjust

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