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saw in 2016. so, the person behind wants more debates. joe biden doesn't need them. the first was a dumpster fire because donald trump lit himself on fire. now you've got a situation where the president of the united states has covid, has not been transparent about his medical history, and the debate committee came out with a very reasonable proposal or suggestion based on the circumstances, said look, let's go ahead with it. but do it remotely because you might get other people sick. trump freaked out mostly because it sounded like he wanted the ability to not get cut off. he wants to be able to run rough shot over the rules. >> that's what i was going to ask you. why is he pushing for an in-person event? could he be baiting biden to drop out? after all, biden did make other plans for next thursday. >> yeah, that ship has sailed. biden has set up a town hall for thursday. that says as much about the

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