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all of us have a responsibility. you know, stoking -- name calling. why do we have to name call? that's like we were children, back in grade school. we're not, we're leaders, we're adults. and we're really talking about this country and the fundamental pillars of protecting our democracy. so we all have a responsibility. there may be some that contribute more, bawl of us, we can't just blame it on one person or another. we all have to take some responsibility here for standing up against it. >> congressman, i'm running out of time, but i don't want to let you go before i ask you about the stimulus for the millions of americans who are out of work right now. they need help, they need economic relief. is anything going to happen in congress before the election? >> so we had a quick leadership meeting at the end of the day yesterday. yesterday morning wi, i said, i done. this is never going to happen. i've been telling people for six months. we're going to get something, we have to get something, and we got mixed signals from the white

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