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Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - CNN - 20201009:13:39:00

to an election, perhaps one that doesn't go their way, that president donald trump loses? >> well, my concern is that they continue to draw inspiration from a president who for months has questioned the legitimacy of voting itself and the democratic process. so they will be continually empowered by this man and that is why we need to do the things that voters in the united states have always done, the way that we beat hatred, the way that we defeat corruption is by stepping up, by standing tall and by voting in numbers we have they ever voted before. they can't cheat and they can't reject the results if we blow them out. so i expect to see record turnout in the state of michigan and frankly record turnout across the country and that is how we will defeat these people and turn our culture back in the proper direction. >> the president is calling on supporters to watch the polls carefully. are you concerned that groups like this, armed groups, might answer that call on and around election day? >> the plot that was thwarted shows you that groups will

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