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of a superman. the other is that he wants to brag about the fact that he is going to get great new drugs approved and pushed out to senior citizens with whom he is losing dramatically to joe biden. it's really hard to understand this shifting story and, again, if he is giving -- going to these rallies and he is going to have people at these rallies, presumably without masks, he was telling the american public how sick he was and he still going to do this. that is what i just can't understand. >> it's really amazing when you think about it. yesterday, more than 50,000 americans were confirmed wi coronavirus more than 900 americans died just yesterday. trust me, these people are very, very angry right now. the president repeatedly seems to be downplaying the whole thing. gloria, thank you so much. sanjay, our thanks to you as well. a quick programming note for our viewers. sanjay and anderson cooper will

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