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Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - CNN - 20201009:21:22:00

state in more than three-quarters of the states in 1967. >> the legislation you're putting forward now has no chance of becoming a law is what the critics are saying, not any time soon and they are suggesting this is simply a democratic publicity stunt before the election. what is your response? >> the first part of it is right which this is not going to be become law before the election. of the many things that donald trump has to worry about or we have to worry about with donald trump this is not one of them. it identifies a serious structural deficiency in our mode of operating right now. imagine if the president had gone into walter reed and there had been a different outcome than this one which sis unsable and erratic enough but if a different outcome what would happen? if everyone extract from the. politics, it's a dangerous serious problem. the constitution sets forth a

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