Transcripts for MSNBC MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle 202010

Transcripts for MSNBC MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle 20201009 13:48:00

is being mined and used for organizations like act blue, and hawkfish, how is that helping you? >> i'll tell you, the great change over the last decade or two decades going back to obama and going back as for as jerry brown is realizing that people who volunteer are people who can give money and you can take that energy from people who, you know, give $25 and turn them into folks who talk to five of their neighbors or vice versa and that's really allowed the campaigns to just dramatically scale what they're able to do on the ground and i would argue to the trump point about their aggressive operation, these people who are giving money in joe biden are invested in their campaign in a way that people who don't give money aren't. they feel an ownership to it. and to harness that energy and turn it into work is a huge advantage. >> let's talk about what this hawkfish data shows. i shows that democrats are

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