Transcripts for MSNBC Morning Joe 20201009 10:05:00 : vimars

Transcripts for MSNBC Morning Joe 20201009 10:05:00

attorney general to indict his opponent who is beating anymore the polls to indict the last democratic opponent. to indict the last democratic president, saying he'll be a sad man if he doesn't do it. and trump say he'll have to basically do it himself if he gets re-elected. blames gold star families for giving him covid. says i'm not contagious despite the fact he wouldn't tell sean hannity repeatedly last night when his last test was. whether he's been tested or negative. he calls kamala harris, the vice presidential nominee for the democratic party calls her a monster, calls her a communist. talks about when he became president he had to give the army new uniforms, with belts. everybody likes the belts. he returned to the white house when doctors didn't want him to return to the white house.

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