Transcripts for MSNBC Morning Joe 20201009 12:07:00 : vimars

Transcripts for MSNBC Morning Joe 20201009 12:07:00

most doctors and tracing experts have looked at as the sort of vector, as the event, the super spreader event, he's talking about an event the next day insides white house blaming gold star families possibly for giving him coronavirus. and the second is attacking michigan governor gretchen whitmer on the same day a plot was revealed to kidnap her and possibly murder her. he's attacking that governor on that day because she was critical of the president in her remarks. taken in total, joe, yesterday, and then you add in those taped videos, which hofbl honenestly e the white house media team, don't you say mr. president, let's stop and try that again. we're doing this on tape. it was rambling. it made no sense. the whole day was a complete mess and, again, not as a political statement, as an american, you don't want your president looking and sounding like that.

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