Transcripts for MSNBC Morning Joe 20201009 12:38:00 : vimars

Transcripts for MSNBC Morning Joe 20201009 12:38:00

around the world, and this ties into you were good enough to ask me about the covid report rejust published yesterday at the council on foreign relations, what it basically says is there's going to be future pandemics. this is not a one-off. we have got to learn the lessons. fareed said that failure is a great teacher. that might be the only silver lining because we have failed spectacularly here. it came here, yes, you can hang that a bit on china and the w.h.o., but virtually everything since, i'm so strung by the range and the variation in the quality of national response, and this is true of authoritarian systems and democracies. you have russia and iran that have failed, you have the united states, brazil and india that have also failed. it's not whether you're a democracy or an authoritarian system, it's the quality of what you do. we've got to learn here at home and strengthen international health machinery. what we have now is clearly not up to the task. >> fareed, going back to your list of ten lessons, one of them

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