Transcripts for MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show 20201009 08:51:

Transcripts for MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show 20201009 08:51:00

and your colleagues unveiled today. thank you for making time to be here. >> yeah, thanks for having me again. >> can you tell us about the joint nature of this operation? it's been an interesting thing to follow over the course of the day, as we sort of teased out what this really is. it's so scary on the front, on its face. but we've got six people charged federally. we've got seven people charged at the state level. it appears to be that these groups were engaged in sort of separate but related activities? >> well, these groups were working together, but you know, for some of them, federal charges seemed more appropriate, and for others, state charges were actually more suitable. but i do want to really reach out and thank the federal authorities, thank the fbi, and also the u.s. attorneys of both the eastern and western districts of michigan who worked in conjunction with our office,

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