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Opinion: Mayor Turner, put the people not industry at the center of Houston's climate plans

Opinion: Mayor Turner, put the people not industry at the center of Houston's climate plans
Myrtala Tristan
Myrtala Tristan stands in a parking lot across from her neighborhood that she said she had to wade or boat out during heavy rains Thursday, Jan. 21, 2021, in Houston.Steve Gonzales, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer
From dangerous heat to the promise of more frequent and severe storms such as Allison and Harvey, climate change is a clear threat in Houston. Mayor Sylvester Turner and other city leaders did the right thing by launching a Climate Action Plan to address this growing economic and public health crisis.

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CBRE Analysis Identifies 11 US Counties as Most Resilient Am

Spokane County, WA., claims 522,000 residents, thriving aerospace manufacturing and health sciences industries, the nickname “Lilac City” for its eponymous county seat, and bragging rights as the originator of Father’s Day. In a new CBRE study, it’s also one of 11 U.S. counties that demonstrate a high level of resiliency when analyzed across a wide range of complex factors like modern health, weather and economic disruptions.
CBRE’s Location Incentives group identified the 11 counties, spanning Spokane County and Ada County (Boise), ID., to Greenville County, S.C., and Kent County (Grand Rapids), MI., after filtering all 3,142 U.S. counties through diverse criteria that define resilience. The exercise demonstrates how modern site-selection analyses can sift through multiple, wide-ranging qualifiers, even including a county’s susceptibility to wildfires, to arrive at sometimes intriguing  conclusions that can factor into a company’s location strategy.

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