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CBS Weekend News

also in march the average interest rate for a new car loan was more than 7%. used, nearly 12%. as for finding something affordable -- >> the 20,000 vehicle's dead. if you want a $20,000 vehicle, you're buying a used car. >> reporter: what will it take for prices to turn around? >> in the end if consumers don't buy, prices will come down. >> reporter: thinks may be turning around. beau boeckmann owns a car dealership group in los angeles where inventory has been sitting. >> now we're getting incentives back. most of our interest rates are between 2.9 and 0%. >> reporter: then the cost of insurance. the latest consumer price index shows a 22% increase over last year. >> safety features, do they affect insurance rates? >> there's backup cameras, there's sensors. all these things cost quite a bit more to repair, so a bumper went from being $1,000 repair to maybe a 10,000, $20,000 repair.

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FOX and Friends

taking outside of column i can't understand perhaps the sit-in on campus. i will say whether or not it's outside or inside. it's not just pro-palestinian. you have people saying out loud that they are pro-hamas. you have people saying out loud that october 7th will happen 100 times. a thousand times, 10,000 times over. this is really grotesque stuff up at columbia. >> ainsley: been five straight days. it's also happening at yale and harvard and mit. there is a school here in new york called the new school. they set up a gaza solidarity encampment at the union square campus here in downtown new york. there is also this yale student, she is a journalist. and she said she was stabbed in the eye with a palestinian flag during a protest. and the guy got away with it. she is an editor and chief of yale free press. and she was there covering the story. and she was just engulfed in this mob of protesters that were yelling anti-semitic chants. >> lawrence: the problem is it's not just columbia. it's all over the country. you have mit student organization praising the palestinian terror group on

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FOX Friends First

homel homelessness rose. paul, unless we get ahold of the h homeless industrial complex, no laws are going to change a thing. what say you? >> we have only spent $141,000 per homeless person and the problem is increasing. there is no interest in solving the problem. h homeless ness and crime are separate issues. h homelessness involves 10,000 to 15,000 that we can help. rest of this problem, 80%, are people in town from out of town doing no good. i think and i sent you a picture of a guy sitting on a step, doing drugs, littering, cursing,

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CNN This Morning

sunshine andhe only real ray now across the florida peninsula we watched an advancing cold front that' bring some showery weather to the upstate new york and we fus our attention on then iday. late in the week, we have the potential for more severe weather develing. of co, we'll keep you ahead of that casey. thank you all right. >> our wisdom and van dam, derrick. thank you very much. wonderful have you on this earth day. see you tomorrow for sure. >> all right coming up next here, what south dakota goveor kristi no is telling cnabout donald tmp in january 6 plus the intelligence chief of the idf announcing his resignation of more details ahead. so this playoffs great key-based trust each other. >> we're going to do a trust falls, stand up, trust what? >> you sent me up dog told you it was a dummy 10,000 next month. >> i don't i we won't know unless we try right how long

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Americas Newsroom

that suggest that donald trump engaged in some of this behavior, it is merely political to be bringing him to trial at this point. there is a lot to come. the opening statements are the beginning of the opening fireworks to the entire trial. i'm sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear how that goes. >> dana: one of the things president trump said he is willing to testify in his defense. but the judge has ruled here that if he does take the stand, the d.a.'s office can ask about all sorts of other things including the trial -- the order and what he was fined in the carroll case, that he made false statements about her, they would talk about the gag order where trump was find $10,000 and it goes on and on. all the things they could bring up. at this point, jonna, even though he might think it would be a good idea and he feels like he is innocent and wants to testify, given they could bring up all these other things do you

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Trump Hush Money Trial

in chief at the national enquirer did, what dylan howard, you'll hear his name come up and essentially how they would go and get these stories and pay for them. and david is that he because personally involved in any story that cost them more than $10,000, which we know. all of three of these stories are at the heart of the trump case. i'll call by. >> i'm sure he'll probably be asked this on the stand tomorrow, but what was in it for david? i mean, why have this meeting at trump tower? i assume it's they have been friends unquote friends for a long time transactional friends, they each get something out of it. and here's somebody who made become president and david likes the idea of being friends with somebody who is the president united states, and being able to somehow benefit from that. yeah, mutually beneficial business relationship for many, many years. but then if you read profiles of david, it does appear that he really we consider trump a friend and admired him in many ways. so our colleagues reporting now trump is sitting alone at the defense table watching the

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Trump Hush Money Trial

$10,000, you would have to sign off on it. the only thing that was important was the cover of a magazine. said when asked if he had editorial say, the two things that he's establishing, one his employees could pay for stories or sources or whatever. but if it was over $10,000, david needed to be brought in and two, in terms of what's in the magazine, all that matters to him is the cover and what the prosecution with what josh steinglass is doing here. josh steinglass is a very, very seasoned trial experience, trial attorney. he's he's one of the best in manhattan da's office. what he's doing here is he knows how intimidating it must be for david to be having donald trump glare, glare at him from across the courtroom and lyrid him. he's trying to get them comfortable, is having them talk about things that aren't going to be difficult, get him comfortable in front of the jury, comfortable in front of trump, comfortable answering questions. so he hasn't asked him any difficult questions yet. and so you won't see that until he gets some use to speaking and used to used to

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Trump Hush Money Trial

david is credibility, but also dylan howard when it came to juicy stories, the assistant district attorney, josh steinglass asks, did dylan howard run those decisions by packer? yes, he did. says so establishing dylan howard is the guy running stuff. but if it's over $10,000 or really juicy, david was involved here's? how, can you imagine that being your job no nobody here can yeah. they're establishing the david it is somebody who is the most credible when it comes to having knowledge and having the ability to carry out not only the catch and kill, but also to to be involved in the quote, unquote scheme that the prosecution is laying out, that the former president, along with michael cohen and falsified his business records so david saying that he and dylan howard oh, no longer in contact. all this information on the left side of your screen that we're reading to you as we get it is coming from our

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