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CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown

>> yes. so they have these 100th bomb group reunions i have actually been going to myself over the years and my grandfather who was navigator of a b-17 before world war ii, he was shot down after over 20 missions, over munsur germany, was p.o.w. for 18 months, actually was there when the great escape happened in the same prison camp. he got to know lucky and many other veterans over the years at these reunions and i have had the chance to meet so many of these people, but lucky is remarkable, and i'm just so proud of him that he has this book out this week, he's 100 years old and if that does not inspire every single one of us watching to go after your dreams, it's never too late, pam ela, never to late to go out and do something like write a book. >> so dtrue, i love the message

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