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2-Year-Old Reunited With Buzz Lightyear Toy, Lost On Southwest Flight | Hot 101.9

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By Sam Rosalie
Michelle Mathieu sent me this story about 2-year-old, Hagen.
He had just gotten off a flight with his parents, and was looking for his Buzz Lightyear toy (which is his most treasured possession, he even wrote his name on Buzz’s foot, just like Andy did in the movie Toy Story!) UNFORTUNATELY, mom realized it must have been left behind when they got off the flight!
Mom told Hagen that Buzz was on a special mission and would soon be back, AKA mom was going to run to Target and replace the toy without him knowing. What mom didn’t know, was Buzz REALLY WAS on a special mission!

Ten "Harmless" Things You're Doing To Slowly Destroy Your Relationship | Hot 101.9

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Apr 5, 2021
If your partner hurts you in any way, it’s perfectly understandable to be angry about it and even to confront them about their behavior. However, once they understand and apologize for how they’ve wronged you, it’s important to move on. Holding grudges make you an angry and bitter person, and these feelings will prevent you from being happy. Forgiveness should come second nature to you if you truly want to preserve your relationships.
Not everything is about you and that’s a good thing. When your partner mentions they don’t like black jeans, it doesn’t mean they’re secretly judging you for wearing them. When they say they’re exhausted from socializing too much work, that doesn’t mean they’re sick of talking to you. Instead of taking things personally, realize that you complement your partner’s life – you’re not the whole thing.

MLB Moves All-Star Game From Georgia Over New Voting Rights Legislation | News Radio 101.9 Big WAAX

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By David Smith
Apr 5, 2021
IHeart Radio National Correspondent Michael Bower talks about MLB's decision to move the All-Star-Game from Atlanta because of Georgia's new voting rules.

Avoiding Copyright Infringement Online | News Radio 101.9 Big WAAX | Alabama's Morning News with JT

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Apr 5, 2021
Jonathan Strickland, host of the Tech Stuff podcast, joins us to discuss copyright laws and how to make sure you give proper credit when using content online.

Stress May Not Be Totally Bad For You | Hot 101.9

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Want to know more about Jay Steele? Get their official bio, social pages & articles on Hot Mix 101.9!

How To Spring Clean The Lazy Way | Hot 101.9

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Want to know more about Jay Steele? Get their official bio, social pages & articles on Hot Mix 101.9!

How Long Does A Honey-Baked Ham Last? | Hot 101.9

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Want to know more about Jay Steele? Get their official bio, social pages & articles on Hot Mix 101.9!

Goodwill Employee Find $42,000 In Stack Of Books At Store | Hot 101.9

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By Sam Rosalie
Apr 1, 2021
You guys already know, we at this show love Goodwill. They’re a great company that does a lot for the community, and APPARENTLY, has some freaking moral rockstars working there.
Andrea Lessing is an employee and young mother in Oklahoma, and she was doing quality check on recently donated items.She came across two sweaters that were tied together, and it look like they were holding books.
NOPE! She untied those sweaters to find a stack of $100 bills so thick, it only looked like books! Andrea counted out $42,000!
Apparently this kind of stuff happens all the time at Goodwill, and (statistically I imagine the employees don’t always tell others about their find, BUT Andrea considered this an opportunity in karma, saw personal information from the donator in that stack, and got the money back to them.

How Long Does A Honey-Baked Ham Last? | Hot 101.9

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Apr 1, 2021
Easter is a big-time food day for many Americans and a honey-baked ham from the Honey Baked Company is a popular item for tons of families for their meal. The real question for many folks is how long is the ham good for?
The company suggests serving the ham at room temperature, but if you like yours heated, they recommend only doing it slice by slice so it doesn’t dry out. If there’s any left over? The recommendation is to refrigerate it and eat it within five days. If there are STILL leftovers, put them in the freezer for up to six weeks.

Nate Reveals Who On The Show Decided Our Vacation | Hot 101.9

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And some people on the show are angry about it.....

Top 10 Foods That Instantly Put Americans Into A Good Mood | Hot 101.9

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Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments!

Woman Arrested Over Active Shooter April Fool's Day Joke | News Radio 101.9 Big WAAX

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By Bill Galluccio
Apr 1, 2021
Pamela Sisco, 57, called her sister, saying there was an active shooter in her office building.
Sisco's sister immediately called 911 and relayed the message that a gunman had opened fire at the Navistar plant where her sister worked.
"Basically, she had called her sister and said something to the effect of a guy was fired yesterday and has come back in with a gun. We are all hiding in a locked office and asked her to call the police," Clark County Sheriff's Office Major 
Chris Clark said.
According to 
"She said there was a guy that got fired yesterday, and he came in with a gun, and they are barricaded with the lights off in an office," she said on the 911 call. "She sent me a text, and I'm afraid to text her if they are barricaded and hiding."

Red Wine Could Lower Risk Of Cataracts | Hot 101.9

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Want to know more about Jay Steele? Get their official bio, social pages & articles on Hot Mix 101.9!

Survey Suggests Foods Can Have A Big Affect On Our Mood | Hot 101.9

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Want to know more about Jay Steele? Get their official bio, social pages & articles on Hot Mix 101.9!

Here's How Many Friends You Need To Be Successful | Hot 101.9

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Want to know more about Jay Steele? Get their official bio, social pages & articles on Hot Mix 101.9!

Americans Are Already Planning Their Post-Pandemic Parties | Hot 101.9

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Mar 31, 2021
It’s time to dust off your goin-out clothes because a new survey has found folks are not only itching to party, they’re ready to go
harder than ever before. According to the study, a whopping 42% of Americans plan on throwing the biggest party of their entire lives. But even before they send out the invites to their rager, the average American says they’ll be spending $140 on their first night out post-COVID-19.
Plus tip, I hope.
It also looks like Facebook can eliminate the “interested” button on events because post-COVID, people are going to be smashing “going.” A third of the survey said they plan on saying “yes” to every single invitation they receive for the next year. This includes things they’ve turned down in the past.

Googling Mysterious Symptoms May Actually Be Helpful | Hot 101.9

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Mar 31, 2021
If you suddenly start feeling off, what’s the first thing you do? Check with Dr. Google, right? Lots of us turn to Internet searches to see if we can figure out what’s causing our headache, sore throat or back pain, but nurses and doctors typically advise against Googling symptoms, concerned we’ll start doomscrolling and end up with anxiety or “cyberchondria.” But a
new studyreveals that doing our own online research
may actually be a good idea.
Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School Department of Health Care Policy asked 5-thousand people to read a case study that includes various symptoms and then give a diagnosis. After searching for symptoms online, they were asked to give another, more informed diagnosis. And it turns out, people are more likely to accurately diagnose a sickness after doing an Internet search.

Convicted Murderer Admits To Killing Notorious Serial Killer In Prison

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By Bill Galluccio
A convicted murderer confessed to killing a notorious serial killer in a California jail. 
Kibbe's killer identified himself as
East Bay Times. Budrow, 40, was sentenced to life without parole in 2011 for strangling 48-year-old Margret Dalton to death.
Budrow wrote that he originally planned to kill so he could have a jail cell all to himself. He decided to target Kibbe after watching a TV special on the serial killer while he was working out. In the letter, Budrow claimed that he orchestrated the circumstances to ensure that he would become cellmates with Kibbe.
"My actions were drafted out with specific intent, cognitive complexity, and were generally more nefarious than a haphazard murder-spat," Budrow wrote.

11 Things Guys Are Totally Insecure About (That You'd Never Guess) | Hot 101.9

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Want to know more about Jay Steele? Get their official bio, social pages & articles on Hot Mix 101.9!

Women Tell Us The Biggest Dating Regrets From Their 20s | Hot 101.9

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Want to know more about Jay Steele? Get their official bio, social pages & articles on Hot Mix 101.9!

More Than 90% of Us Looking Forward To 2021 | Hot 101.9

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Dec 24, 2020
It’s no secret that 2020 hasn't been a great year for most of us, which is why most Americans are pretty happy there is only one week left. A new survey finds:
91% of Americans are definitely looking forward to the start of the New Year.
80% say 2021 can’t come soon enough.
Baby Boomers are the most likely to say the 2021 can’t come soon enough (85%), as compared to Gen X (80%), Millenials (78%) and Gen Z (73%).
Women are also more likely to say that than men (83% vs. 74%).
But not everyone has such a poor opinion of 2020.
42% of Americans say that while it did have problems, it wasn’t a bad year overall.

New Movies To Watch Tomorrow! | Hot 101.9

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Dec 24, 2020
This year, the holidays are looking a little different for most folks. If you’re looking for something fun and socially distant to do on Christmas Day, you’re in luck – film studios have some major releases planned.
Whether you’re feeling like cozying up on the couch, or enjoying a socially distant night out, there are plenty of heart-warming, epic, and highly-anticipated movie options for you.
Here they are:
“Wonder Woman 1984”: Gal Gadot’s highly-anticipated return as Wonder Woman hit some road bumps thanks to coronavirus...but then Warner Bros shocked the movie industry by announcing that the sequel would debut on HBO Max and in any open theaters across the country on Christmas Day.

Netflix's 'The Umbrella Academy' Has Been Renewed For Season 3

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We'll be seeing more of the Hargreeves siblings next year!

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