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Space Shuttle Columbia The Final Flight

all working in synchronicity, which is kind of the fact that it ever worked at all is pretty amazing. -back here in the space shuttle flight control room, monitoring columbia's systems in preparation for the first shuttle launch of the year. -thank you very much. -the ascent team is led by flight director leroy cain for today's launch. -okay, folks. one ops, one, count to 20. -as a flight controller in mission control, sts-107 was my second mission. for me, it was always when you got the t-minus 10 minute hold and you give the final "go/no go" for launch. that is kind of the moment where you realize that this is about to get real. -go/no go for launch, final. guidance? gc? prop? gnc? max? -for me personally, i could feel my adrenaline gland just go and then my heart rate pick up a little bit. -you ready for g1 launch target?

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Space Shuttle Columbia The Final Flight

-when they came back, it was like their bond was forever. they walked in sync with each other. it was like left, right, left, right. they were the columbia crew. they were sts-107. they were a unit. -one, two, three. -one, two, three. -excellent. -whoo-hoo. ♪ -michael anderson was my husband. we got to go watch the underwater trainings to simulate zero gravity. he was excited, but if you looked at him, you would think calm and collected, but he was excited. he would tease the kids we were gonna go to mars as a family. halfway, he was joking, but halfway, he was thinking, "hmm, this would be kind of cool." -check o2 actuator is in eva. -he loved it. it was his dream.

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Space Shuttle Columbia The Final Flight

they trust us, they have their training and expertise, but they want to believe and pull full faith that we're doing the very best for them. -in the nasa world, people don't talk in terms of "it's life or death." you use the terms "threat to the vehicle and crew," or "risk to the vehicle and crew." it might have more power or more punch if we talk life and death, but we don't. ♪ ♪ -okay, well, then, we've got, uh, an announcement that we'd like to make on behalf of the sts-107 crew. it is today that we remember and honor

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Space Shuttle Columbia The Final Flight

crew of sts 107 brought to you by the national outdoor leadership school? >> well, laura, are you ready dave my palms are sweaty, my knees are week i'm ready for an outdoor adventure the, crew, went on and outdoor team-building trip in wyoming it, was i think close to two weeks long. >> it comes around right down in this felt my dad have come up with the idea to help them bond and de filmed it's the crew while they were doing that sets a name here. i'm trying to make brownies. >> does everybody wanted bradley's for breakfast? >> you're not hungry not know, and i love to have some breakfast, brownies. >> were some right here like baer scan on the trip in

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Space Shuttle Columbia The Final Flight

Space Shuttle Columbia The Final Flight - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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CBS Evening News With Norah ODonnell

conspiracies. they don't believe he was targeting any particular person or group. cbs's jericka duncan will start us off tonight with the latest details. >> across the street, 107th street, he's on fire! >> reporter: it was a shocking image. a man on fire. it happened right outside the courthouse where former president donald trump's criminal trial was underway. >> a man has lit himself on fire outside of the courthouse in manhattan. >> reporter: the incident unfolding live on cable news just after 1:30 eastern. >> we are like yelling to the cops, who are all outside. >> reporter: i don't know if he was really political or just unbalanced. >> reporter: authorities confirmed 4037-year-old maxwell azzarello was from st. augustine, florida. tonight, officials say he was intubated and critical condition. >> he blows the pamphlets throughout the park, and then he puls out a canister, pours some

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Anderson Cooper 360

it's been 100 days since the october 7th terror attack in israel, 100 days since those kidnapped by hamas and others were taken, 100 days since the war with hamas began, and 100 days for suffering for so many in israel and gaza. crowds in large numbers remembering the 1,200 who were murdered 100 days ago and the estimated 107 people still believed to be held hostage. hamas has not given confirmation that loved ones are held or still alive. some kidnapped had severe wounds, high hersh goldberg-polin. others with cancer and diabetes. getting medicine to these people requiring high level talks that are still unresolved. today israel's defense minister

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BBC News

hubs are andy burnham. seconding hubs are su orted andy burnham. seconding hubs are suworted by _ andy burnham. seconding hubs are suworted by gmp _ andy burnham. seconding hubs are supported by gmp cse _ andy burnham. seconding hubs are supported by gmp cse major - supported by gmp cse major investigations team. this corporate resource which comprises 107 dedicated officers. the expansion of this team owes much to be direct support of the mayor and deputy mayor for which support of the mayor and deputy mayorfor which i am grateful. those working on the hubs or as part of the cse met our highly specialist officers who are trained to an exacting standard. gmp strategic approach to cse is effectively governed, this governance encompasses all aspects of training, professional practice and development as well as practical case management. woven into the very fabric of our response to cse are a number of external agencies and third sector organisations. such as

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Fox News Live

destroyed thursday night. president biden's been facing some criticism over why he has not listed the houthis as a terrorist group. if you recall when he took office, one of his first actions was to delist the houthis. he was asked about this yesterday in pennsylvania. >> it's irrelevant whether they're designated. we've put together a group of nations that are going to say if they continue to act and behave as they do, we'll respond. >> how are concerned are you on the strikes -- [inaudible] >> i'm very concerned. that's why we've got to 107 it -- stop it. >> reporter: griff, you interviewed morgan ortagus about biden's decision to put pressure on saudi arabia to end the war against the houthis and the u.s. cutting off arms shipments to saudi arabia. >> we told them that the war had to end. what happened? the houthis spent three years instead of the saudis continuing the go after them and do the work for us and go after the terrorists for us, we -- the biden administration spent the last three years letting the houthis build up their capabilities, and now you have a

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The Lead With Jake Tapper

The Lead With Jake Tapper - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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