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georgia. kemp won by 1%, this time 7.5%, so republicans had a great time in georgia, but we need 1.5 million to turn out so herschel can win this. the>> john: looks like democrats dominated the early vote, record numbers in georgia. can you get enough people out today to flip the equation? >> i'll say one of the things with the early vote. the rural counties did not have enough centers open, they just didn't, and that's a funding issue, so fulton county had 24 centers, a lot of the rural areas did not have enough centers open, did not have the money, and so today a lot of voters are going to vote in person because they couldn't during the five day early voting period. >> speaking of votes, rnc members had apparently 107 votes for you to be back as chair woman, unless something crazy happens, that means pretty much have a lock on it.

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BBC News at One

coming. key factors, helpful conditions, england's bold ambition and some questionable fielding. it and some questionable fielding. it gets to the fence... duckett - and some questionable fielding. it gets to the fence... duckett made j gets to the fence... duckett made 107, then gets to the fence... duckett made 107. then it _ gets to the fence... duckett made 107, then it was _ gets to the fence... duckett made 107, then it was ollie _ gets to the fence... duckett made 107, then it was ollie pope's - 107, then it was 0llie pope's chance, another fluently forceful innings, another 100, yeah, chance, another fluently forceful innings, another100, yeah, him too. the most dismissive batting only came now, harry brook in 1/424 on his way to a century. 400 makers on the first day of a test match, 506 runs, astonishing records. england are back in pakistan but playing as they've never done before. joe wilson, bbc news. the former rugby league player, rob burrow, is to read the cbeebies bedtime story, on the international day of persons with disabilities, this saturday. the former leeds rhinos player, lives with motor neurone disease, and will be using an eye—controlled computer to read the story, which recreates the words in his own yorkshire accent. graham satchell has that story.

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years the united states will hold accountable every ccp official responsible for atrocities against the protestors. the time to make that clear warning is now. >> make the prediction because this is actually more dangerous than 1989. the massacre then. protestors really wanted to keep the communist party in place but wanted to replace hard line leaders. >> ccp is saying the price of predome in the u.s., 1 million covid deaths, 107, 622 fentanyl deaths in 2021 aleen. what we want is to protect our people's lives and insure them a better life. now experts say that these protests are a real threat to chinese president's rule and he is likely than not to have a swift response that could

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The Story With Martha MacCallum

imagine that? fox business correspondent edward lawrence reporting from washington. >> investigators are piecing together the tangled web of money transactions across at least 107 different entities under the ftx umbrella. at the top of the pile, sam bankman-fried said there's similarities with what is happening with ftx now and what happens in the bernie madoff case. one person controlling about everything, no internal controls and they created stories about successes. >> using a small audit firm. why was a company with billions of investor money using a small unknown audit firm? madoff used a firm in a shopping center. those are huge red flags to investors and venture capitalists. >> and it could be six to eight months before accountants know

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Your World With Neil Cavuto

world. just last week, u.s. customs and border agents off of the coast of puerto rico came under fire in the line of duty. one agent was fatally shot while two others were wounded. in march 2021, we came down after the new administration had lifted the policies. we visited the border. i warned having learned from the border patrol agents of the suspects on the tearist watch lists that were coming across. the amount of fentanyl that they hadn't seen in the past now coming across. we held a press conference. we advised not just america but to the members of congress. members of the democratic congress said i was lying. there weren't people on the terror watch list. the was a services committee said that. since that time period, more than 107 terror suspects have

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Physiotherapy Job in New South Wales (Sydney) - Australia - 2107

Physiotherapy Job - Private practice physio - Australia - New South Wales (Sydney) - 2107 - Avalon Beach

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not have been able to legally purchase firearms and that if they had simply followed through on those charges and prosecuted him and convicted him, he would have been barred for life for the multiple felonies in that case. of course even if they hadn't gone through with that, they could have fallen back on the red flag law available in colorado, but apparently nobody did. >> it's very effective there. went into effect in 2020. citizens and law enforcement can request that a judge remove guns from someone they think is a danger and kusa in denver did an investigation that found of the 107 requests made by law enforcement, between january 2020 and january 2022, 101 were granted by judges. so that means that 95% of the requests were approved considering how much this law works, this clearly should have stopped the shooting.

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Alex Wagner Tonight

look at the two race that's decide this thing n the bucks county race that won republicans the 101st seat to it, into the republican is ahead by a whopping 53 vote lead. and the montgomery county race that secured democrats their 102nd seat tonight and it with control of the pennsylvania state house for the first time in 12 years, that race was won by just 58 votes. but even if that hasn't sold you on the idea that every vote matters if, 50 votes still too big a margin for you, let me direct you to new hampshire's state house. last week the election results looked like republicans could take it 203 seats and democrats won 107. 28 of the state house races were close enough that they requested recounts. on monday the democrat running to represent manchester new hampshire's ward six, she won the recount by one single vote. that brought the partisan split

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CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield

>> well, most residential wells are between 300 and 500 feet. it has to be below the water level so that the pump and motor that goes inside the well is not exposed to air, because that will burn it up. a lot of people around our area who had wells between that range, they've got dry. i can tell you in 1957, where we are right now, the water levels were 107 feet. in 2013, it was 469, and this year it's now 541 feet deep. that's out of the reach financially for moth individual residents. our water department water wells are 1500 feet deal, so from a municipal standpoint we're okay, but if we're individuals drilling here, it would be very problematic. >> i do want to point out that al dara did not respond for

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finally tonight. lessons on living a long life and why voting is so important from a voter who knows a lot about both. because she's more than a century old. our tampa station wtsp has her story. >> i'm 106. i'll be 107. >> what's the secret? is it voting? >> i think good living and as i tease these people here. i have my glass of scotch every night before i go to bed. >> margaret was born in england. she moved to the united states as a young girl in the mid 1920s. just a few years after the 19th amendment was ratified granting women the right to vote. >> our forefathers fought to get the vote for us and now people are forgetting it and i think

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