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Finding Fietas: a lost neighbourhood remembered in photos, fiction

This once vibrant Joburg suburb, which never recovered after the forced removal of its non-white inhabitants, is part of a subplot in 'New Material' movie

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my four grandparents, we didn't have anything. nothing was found basically. it's just horrendous, horrendous situation. it's so important, so timely to remind people who don't know anything about it. >> and i think it's so important, i'm sure you'll agree, jim, that people who come to visit washington, go to the washington mall, 14th street, and take a tour of this museum. even those of us who have grown up children of holocaust survivors, we learn a lot every time we go there and it's so, so powerful, so important. >> i've been. i plan to go back. wolf blitzer, it's great to have you on. "never again, the united states holocaust memorial museum" airs tonight on cnn at 11:00 eastern time. the news continues, so let's hand it over. i called you the great laura coates. i'll call you the super great laura coats tonight and "cnn tonight." >> tomorrow maybe the super wonderful great, i don't know,

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Police: 17-year-old shot & killed in Detroit

A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed in Detroit Sunday evening. It happened near the intersection of 14th Street and Lawrence Street. Police are looking for two suspects riding in a black SUV.

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Neighbors transform a vacant lot into gardens & community space

Vacant lots scattered throughout parts of Buffalo can be an eyesore in neighborhoods. But in one west side community, residents decided to transform a lot into a community space.

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Six-hour standoff in Omaha ends peacefully

A six-hour standoff involving Omaha police ended peacefully when the suspect surrendered early Wednesday morning.

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Morning Joe

having led this city out of the worst of the covid crisis. i'm ready right now to serve and address the issues that are so deep in communities in brooklyn and manhattan and i just wanted to come here, a place that i cherish and with you who have been such good friends to tell you this is the next step and i want to serve the people of the community that is my home and that i love. >> so, for those of us that do not have maps of new york's congressional district, complain to us where the 10th district of new york is. >> the 10th district is manhattan, south of 14th street, river to river. and it is a big swath of brooklyn. it is mainly brooklyn. starting downtown brooklyn and going through my neighborhood, park slope and much of the areas that i've represented since my days in the city council and into places like burrow park and

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Georgia party bike crash injures 15, driver charged with DUI

A driver of a multi-person party bike has been charged with DUI in connection with an accident that injured 15 passengers in Atlanta on Saturday.

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America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith

side of the platform, people were told to get on to that train so that they could move that train out and get people to safety. the n train comes up this way, goes through a tunnel to lower manhattan, and right about here is the union square, 14th street station and it was over here, let me erase this, right about in this area here in the east village where he was apprehended. that might be a little close to the east river, but in that area he was apprehended. so down here in brooklyn, kings highway station the u-haul van was found and photographs of him getting on the n train, getting up into that area, and then it was up here in the east village area where he was apprehended. so, it does not look too big, or too much of distance when you look here, but these five boroughs of new york are absolutely enormous, and it's a

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FOX Friends First

media videos there, no? listen to this. postal service no longer delivering mail to a santa monica neighborhood after multiple attacks on carriers. delivery is suspended until safety ensured and residents will have toic approximate up their mail from the post office. 14th street, a nice area, three different carriers have been assaulted, including one with a brook stick, none of the carriers have been seriously hurt. >> carley: and standing by a student who says she harmed a patient for not recognizing train pronoun. she missed the patient's vein and had to stick him twice. the student claims it was an accident and claiming all procedures were followed while caring for this patient.

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