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Roseville business mistaken for shop with ties to Capitol riots

'We did not attack the Capitol' | Roseville business owner being mistaken for Texas woman who participated in Capitol riots
Becky's Flowers has been inundated with calls, comments and negative reviews as people confuse them with a shop in Texas with the same name.
Author: Zach Fuentes (ABC10)
Updated: 12:19 PM PST January 14, 2021
ROSEVILLE, Calif — A Roseville flower shop is trying to clear its name after many have wrongfully tied it to the riots at the nation’s Capitol.
Becky’s Flower in Roseville has been in business since 1973. However, Aaron Alberti, who bought the business in 2004, received a "bad, strange review" online from a customer they had never served on the night of the Capitol riots.

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