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seattle, washington, where aaron alexis also had a brush with the law. anchor david rose joins us live with that part of the story. david, at some point he had some trouble in your neck of the woods. what was it and when? >> when you look at the court records, two things emerge . one, he was a horrible driver. he was ticketed for speeding and caused a wreck on a highway here. and he had a temper. he wasn't afraid to take out a gun and express rage. he was arrested in 2004 after he was upset with construction workers over a parking situation on a home they were working on. he went outside, pulled his gun and fired three shots into their tires and calm ily walked back inside. detectives couldn't find him for a month. when they did the said they were disrespecting him. gives you an idea he had paranoia. he said he bhaked out and didn't remember pulling the trigger.

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>> reporter: no, he didn't grow up here. this is where his mother moved a few years ago. i interviewed somebody in queens which you know isn't far from brooklyn. the family lived there 11 years ago 2002. one of the women who lived in the building remembered the family. she described them as a very nice, kwie t sh seemingly normal family that didn't have parties. she thought they were polite and kind. she was blown away when she heard the news about alexis. she said it didn't fit his personality at that time. again, that was 11 years ago. he would have been about 23 at the time. >> linda, thank you very much. straight ahead a tightly secured military installation comes under attack. how could it happen? major ge

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>> texas police records show alexis has an arrest record. natalie solis has the latest. what's the story on his arrest record? >> reporter: right. i can tell you he was arrested september 4, 2010. a woman told ft. worth police someone fired into her apartment. the bullet came in through the floor, up to the ceiling. she just happened to be sitting there, saw the puff of smoke. police went and talked to aaron alexis. he told them he wassing koog c clean ing the gun at the same time. his hands got slippery and he accidentally discharged the weapon. he did tell police -- excuse me, police did say they saw the gun taken apart, that there was a cleaning kit next to it. they did also talk to this woman. she told police she was terrified of him. she said he had confronted her in the parking lot of the apartment complex and he said

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down to that. he didn't start that way. he feels life has kicked him in the teeth so many times. >> sounds like his justification, his rationale. in his mind. >> greta is next. see you tomorrow night. 123450eu this is a fox news alert and we are live at the washington navy yard, where wewe are awaiting a news conferencein on today's deadly shooting 12 people are gunned down andd the shooter also dead. the masacre happened after 8:00 a.m.morn one gunman opening fire in the military facility here in theilt heart of washington, d.c. tonight, there is new information about the deceasednh shooter, former navy reservist aaron and there is a manhunt for a second possible suspect. rick, the manhunt may be over?

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>>e are hearing from sources they don't believe there is another suspect in this shooting. they believe there is a single gunman, that there was cop fusion at the scene and people may have thought they saw other people with guns responding to the scene. they may have thought they were involved in the shooting. that's not confirmed. we do have a news conference we expect to begin any minute now. i have been told ten minutes from now it will include d.c. mayor anthony gray, chief of police in d.c. and the head of the d.c. office of the fbi which is heading the the investigation. the shooter was identified as aaron alexis. he was in the navy. he was kicked out back in 2011 after being arrested on a gun charge in 2010 in ft. worth, texas. we know there are 13 dead including the shooter. there were many, many rounds in

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fbi to let her update you on the investigation. >> good evening. as we have stated, this continues to be a very active investigation. the fbi's evidence response teams continue to process the shooting scenes. these teams have special capabilities to include bullet trajectory analysis and crime scene mapping. we also continue to follow every lead related to the shootings to include piecing together the movement and activities of aaron alexis. while we have learned some information about his reevent whereabouts we continue to work to determine where he's been, who he talked to and what he's done. this includes determining the origins of the weapons he used but because the investigation still continues we will not comment further on weapons used in today's shooting. we can confirm, however, that mr. alexis had legitimate access

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to the navy yard as a result of his work as a contractor. h he utilized a valid pass to gain en tri to the navy yard. we continue to work to identify and locate additional witnesses to today's events and any individuals who may have information about mr. alexis. we appreciate the information provided so far by the public. we continue to ask for any and all information reelated to mr. alexis and today's tragic event s. please report this information by calling 800-call-fbi. 800-225-5324. we again thank the public for your cooperation and we'll continue to update you on this investigation as it progresses. thank you. >> from the united states park police, you heard chief linnear

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