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Tamil Refugees On Diego Garcia Win Fight Against Forcible Return To Sri Lanka

Tamil Refugees On Diego Garcia Win Fight Against Forcible Return To Sri Lanka - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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Tamil refugees on Diego Garcia win fight against forcible return to Sri Lanka

A group of Tamil asylum seekers stranded on a tiny British territory in the Indian Ocean have won their fight against being forcibly returned to Sri Lanka after a Government climbdown.

The group are on Diego Garcia, part of the Chagos Islands, which the UK calls the British Indian Ocean Territory

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South Australia passes controversial protest laws

A union boss has blasted South Australia’s government after the state passed laws to ramp up fines for disruptive protests following a mammoth upper house debate.
The new measures were rushed through the state’s lower house last week with both the Labor government and the Liberal opposition support

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Twitter changes logo to Dogecoin cryptocurrency

Twitter has changed its iconic blue bird logo to mimic the logo of a popular cryptocurrency – an image of a dog that featured in viral memes – in what appears to be a late April fool’s day gag from the company’s billionaire owner, Elon Musk.
On Monday, US time, users noted that the blue bird logo o

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