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AVSC Publishes Guidance for ADS Developers' Automated Vehicle Interactions with First Responders

AVSC Publishes Guidance for ADS Developers’ Automated Vehicle Interactions with First Responders
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Best Practice Designed to Help Facilitate Safe and Effective Interactions Between Automated Vehicles and First Responders
"We can provide clarity around the type of key interactions ADS developers can expect with first responders and provide some practical recommendations for developers to engage with the first responder community before deploying on public roads." - Amy Chu, director, AVSC
December 10, 2020
The Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium™ (AVSC) today announced the availability of its fifth published best practice titled, Best Practice for First Responder Interactions with Fleet-Managed Automated Driving System-Dedicated Vehicles (ADS-DVs). This best practice provides recommended procedures and protocols for Automated Driving System (ADS) developers to follow in order to facilitate safe and effective first responder interactions for a multitude of scenarios. It is intended for developers operating and managing fleets of ADS Dedicated Vehicles (ADS-DVs) – in other words – those with SAE International’s Levels 4 and 5 automation.

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