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George Clooney Has Blunt Thoughts On Tom Cruise's Viral Mission: Impossible Speech

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Mission: Impossible 7 who were apparently not following the appropriate social distancing guidelines on the set. Since the audio was leaked we've heard a lot of different responses to the clip. Some have been supportive, some have bee critical, and a large number have been hilarious. It seems that basically everybody has an opinion on the tape, and that includes other Hollywood stars. Actor and director George Clooney has now weighed in on the topic, and his opinion on Cruise's response runs the gamut.
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The Howard Stern Show (via E!), George Clooney told the host that while Tom Cruise's response to the situation may have been loud and full of swear words, he doesn't consider it an overreaction, because the situation is serious, and what appears to have happened on the set of

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