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it seems there's a conspiracy of some sort going on. the pred said there was nothing going on. he must have known clearly that there were a lot of contacts with the russians going on. >> conspiracy is a good word. trump's main defense, one of his defenses to collusion was, look, the treasury department, my treasury department, imposed these harsh sanctions on russia. that shows how tough we are. those sanctions were imposted last april. he wasn't tough very long. if you want to talk about an arc of sinister connections, this same russian oligarch helped today by the lifting of these sanctions, he's paul manafort's former client, vladimir putin's ally, and he's also the guy who reportedly paul manafort gave the polling data about the trump

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on another $16 billion in chinese goods, bringing the total value to $50 billion. the trump administration released its list of 279 products yesterday, targeting things like chemicals, motorcycles, and antennas. the 25% tariff will take effect august 23rd. chinese state media slammed the move overnight, warning that wantingly raising tariffs will only hurt the u.s. beijing already said it would strike back in equal measure, just like last month when the u.s. imposted tariffs on chinese goods worth $34 billion. wall street shrugged off the first round, but u.s. business warned they will raise prices for consumers, especially as the trade spat escalates. the white house is threatening an additional $200 billion in tariffs on chinese goods. china plans to hit back with its own tariffs worth $60 billion. the trump administration says the tariffs are punishment for china's unfair trade practices, like stealing u.s. technology, stealing u.s. trade secrets. beijing denies those allegations. >> the street reaction to this has been fascinating, or lack of

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