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Dyson new V15 Detect vacuum cleaner featuring a LASER that can detect hidden dust

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Dyson is set to blow Australian shoppers away with the launch of a brand new vacuum cleaner featuring a laser that can detect hidden dust around the home.
The British manufacturer is set to unveil the revolutionary Dyson V15 Detect, which is engineered to capture 99.99 per cent of dust particles as small as 10 microns.
Developed by a team of 370 engineers from around the world, the model has a 'precisely-angled' green laser integrated into the cleaner head - meaning the hidden dust on floor surface that's typically invisible to the naked eye can be removed. 
Dyson is set to blow Australian shoppers away with the launch of a brand new vacuum cleaner featuring a laser that can detect hidden dust around the home

UK vote is likely to back Johnson, and an independent Scotland

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UK vote is likely to back Johnson, and an independent Scotland

Dyson Announces V15 Detect, Omni-Glide & V12 Detect Slim Vacuums

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Dyson has today announced three new vacuums - the V15 Detect, the V12 Detect Slim and the Omni-Glide, all available in May.

Why the world's ultra-rich are parking their money in S'pore, explained

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Observers of financial and business news in Singapore might have noticed a trend in recent times — the world's wealthiest individuals are increasingly setting up shop on our tiny island.
In the past few years, we've seen Google co-founder Sergey Brin, British inventor and entrepreneur James Dyson, and son of Haidilao founders Zhang Hanzhi setting up family offices, and buying property here.
What are "family offices"?
Family offices are described by
Investopedia as being advisory firms that manage the finances or investments of an affluent individual or family.
In other words, if you're a rich person with lots of money that you want to preserve for your lifetime and the next few generations, you might set up one of these offices to help you do that.

Reader 'intrigued' by who supports Boris Johnson's government

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Political sleaze is much like a vacuum cleaner; the workings of both tend to go round and round.

Tributes paid to Sheringham stalwart Audrey Brayne

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Tributes have been paid to Sheringham stalwart Audrey Brayne.
- Credit: Supplied by the family
She was one of Norfolk's leading lights for decades, known for her wit, warmth and compassion.
And now tributes have been paid to Audrey Brayne, of Sheringham, who died on April 21, just days before her 94th birthday. 
Audrey Brayne, centre, surrounded by her grandchildren on her 80th birthday in 2007.
- Credit: Supplied by the family
Nick Conrad, former BBC radio presenter and one of Mrs Brayne's 15 grandchildren, said: "Audrey will be remembered as a cheery, helpful, busily active and really rather unorthodox member of the local Sheringham community.

Singapore condos with unusual facilities: Pet pool, boxing ring, bowling alley

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Cool facility: Ice therapy corner
Imagine living in a spa. Well, almost.
This Tanah Merah condo has a Steam Room which starts to feel kind of basic when you find out that they also have an Ice Therapy Corner where "the shaved ice cleans the pores of your skin, reduces wrinkles and boosts skin radiance, leaving you totally refreshed".
In short, makes you feel
shiok lor on a 32 degrees Celsius afternoon, we guess.
They also have a Himalayan Salt Room.
For those into this type of thing (and also into singing bowls, healing crystals and anything Gwyneth Paltrow sells), anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory salt bricks will recharge your mind, body and spirit, and keep you alive long enough to pay off your mortgage.

Last Fiasco of Boris the Clown?

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Last Fiasco of Boris the Clown?
‘Corruption on an epic scale’
Former UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd once said about Boris Johnson: “he’s the life and soul of the party, but he’s not the man you want driving you home at the end of the evening.”
Yet here we are, almost two years into his leadership, and the British media are still acting with shock and surprise over Boris’ antics. The British are a funny bunch. In all honesty, it seems people are more upset over his negative comments over the John Lewis furniture in No.10 Downing Street than they were when Johnson lied to the Queen in September 2019 to prorogue parliament. There certainly seems to have been more media coverage of it.

Jetoptera VTOL aircraft design features "bladeless fans on steroids"

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Jetoptera VTOL aircraft design features "bladeless fans on steroids"
Jetoptera VTOL aircraft design...
Jetoptera says its "fluidic propulsion system" offers some unique opportunities for vectored thrust VTOL aircraft, among others
Jetoptera says its "fluidic propulsion system" offers some unique opportunities for vectored thrust VTOL aircraft, among others
The ability to move to a box wing makes for an exceptionally small footprint on a helipad, albeit at the expense of some roll stability
At high speeds, the front propulsion pods can be stowed to reduce drag as well as unnecessary lift over the front canard wings
Jetoptera doesn't plan to get into the flying car business; the J-2000 is mainly conceived as a tech demonstrator

UK Conservative Party Poll Lead Over Labour Plummets Days Ahead of Local Elections

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The survey comes as Boris Johnson is embroiled in scandals around former UK Prime Minister David Cameron lobbying the current British government of behalf of the...

Scottish Tory Leader Says Johnson Should Resign if He Broke Code of Conduct

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UK PM Boris Johnson is facing three reviews into his conduct, including one by the Electoral Commission into the funding of refurbishments to the prime ministerial flat...

Gavin Williamson berated over exams chaos by student who Googled his phone number

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She left the Education Secretary a tearful voicemail telling him how she felt about having her results ruined by an algorithm

Daily Mail poll shows Tory party lead has been slashed to just 1%

The Survation poll - commissioned by the Mail ahead of local and mayoral elections next week - shows that the Tories' lead over Labour has fallen from six points in a week.

Security fears after report Britain's PM Boris Johnson's phone number can be found online

A BBC report highlighting that Boris Johnson's mobile number could be found online was not "appropriate", a Home Office minister has suggested amid security concerns.
The British prime minister's number was at the bottom of a press release published in 2006 when he was a junior shadow minister. It is thought to have remained online for the past 15 years.
The gossip newsletter
Popbitch first discovered the document and dropped hints about Johnson's phone number in its weekly email on Thursday. The BBC then ran a report about the story, sparking criticism from Victoria Atkins, the safeguarding minister.
Andrew Parsons/Getty Images

Boris mobile number being online 'risks' snooping

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Boris mobile number being online ‘risks’ snooping
Top Story
May 1, 2021
LONDON: The Prime Minister could have put himself at an “increased risk” of snooping and criminal activity, according to a former national security adviser, after it emerged his mobile number had been openly available online for 15 years.
Lord Ricketts said the revelation that, until this year, Boris Johnson’s contact number was still listed on the bottom of a 2006 press release on the internet meant “thousands” of people could have his details, possibly placing him at risk of hostile state action.
It follows a row in recent weeks over so-called government-by-text after it emerged that lobbyists and others from the business world had personally messaged the Prime Minister in a bid to get him to intervene in issues.

Labour has made a mistake: You don't accuse a PM of trivialities when he's trying to save lives

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Labour has made a mistake: You don't accuse a PM of trivialities when he's trying to save lives
The opposition should learn that if they want to derail a government, don’t do it on technical grounds which few ordinary voters care about
1 May 2021 • 1:00pm
Everybody I have run into in the last week - neighbours in the street, shopkeepers, staff at the hairdressers - has offered a spontaneous anecdote about their wonderful encounter with the Covid vaccination programme. Based either on their own direct experience or that of someone they accompanied to the local vaccine centre, they have expounded on the pleasantness and efficiency of this massive national exercise. I really cannot recall anything like this unanimous outpouring of personal gratitude for a government policy before.

Report: Boris Johnson's phone number was online for 15 years

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Johnson’s cellphone number was apparently openly available on the Internet for 15 years. — AP
LONDON: The British government downplayed allegations on April 30 of a security risk after it was reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cellphone number was openly available on the Internet for 15 years.
A celebrity website revealed that the number was on a think tank press release from 2006, when Johnson was an opposition lawmaker and the Conservative Party’s higher education spokesman.
Callers to the number on Friday heard an automated message saying the phone was “switched off” and telling them to try later or to send a text.

Johnson insists he is focused on Government's work, but flat questions continue

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The way Boris Johnson funded the refurbishment of his apartment could trigger another investigation.

Boris Johnson's personal phone number found to be available online

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BBC News
Boris Johnson's personal mobile phone number has been found to be freely available online.
The number, published on a press release in 2006, appears to have not been changed since.
Last week officials denied that the prime minister had been told to change his mobile number.
It is understood there were suggestions within government that he should be less willing to pass on his contact details to external organisations.
Downing Street declined to comment.
Mr Johnson has come in for criticism recently over the use of his mobile phone.
It was revealed earlier this month that he had a text exchange with businessman Sir James Dyson at the start of the pandemic, in which he promised to "fix" an issue with the tax system, so that Sir James's staff could stay in the UK long enough to build ventilators needed by the NHS.

Johnson insists he is focused on Government's work, but flat questions continue | Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard

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Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Kathryn Stone has been asked to investigate his conduct over the issue.
Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge, a former chairwoman of spending watchdog the Public Accounts Committee, has asked for the new investigation into the funding of the refurbishment of the Prime Minister’s apartment.
I have submitted a complaint about Boris Johnson's conduct to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. Why?
The PM has repeatedly failed to be honest, open or transparent about the donations & gifts he receives.
The PM's ethics advisor is toothless & has no independence.
In her letter to the commissioner, Dame Margaret said: “With this matter the Prime Minister would appear to have repeatedly broken the general principles of the Code of Conduct, failing to be either honest, open or accountable when questioned by the media and in Parliament.

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With Time Already Ticking For The 6 May Local Elections In Uk

A Fresh Poll Has Shown The Conservative Partys Lead Over Labour Drastically Plummeted From 11 To Just 5 Points

Douglas Ross

Dominic Raab

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Should Resign If He Is Found To Have Broken The Ministerial Code Of Conduct So Says Leader Scottish Conservatives

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