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How to prepare your pets for your return to work

How to prepare your pets for your return to work
As employers are calling workers back to their offices, pet owners need to prepare their four-legged friends for what could be a dramatic change for animals that are very much creatures of habit, experts say.Prystai // ShutterstockShow MoreShow Less
Gina Schmidt of Saratoga Springs says, "My dog, Jack (@thatcreampup on Instagram) is starting to get the hang of conference calls. He even had a webex with pup-friends this morning."Courtesy of Gina SchmidtShow MoreShow Less
Diane Ward shared her photo of working at home with her pet, Mabel, a 10-month old Golden Retriever. "She provides joy & comfort, I provide the treats.Courtesy of Diane WardShow MoreShow Less

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Shelters reduce pets' anxieties with iCalmPet and Echo Dot devices

There’s an old adage about music having the charms to soothe a savage breast. Local animal shelters in recent years have taken that to heart and use the latest…

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Feral cats find shelter thanks to Gloversville woman

Feral cats find shelter thanks to Gloversville woman | The Daily Gazette
GLOVERSVILLE – Many stray and feral cats have found homes in cat shelters dotted throughout the greater Capital Region thanks in part to Angel Mariani. 
The Gloversville resident has made several hundred of the shelters over the years, using blankets and bins filled with straw. She often gives them to people who reach out to her on Facebook.
“They are life-saving. [For] cats out there that don’t have a warm home, it is a very rough winter,” Mariani said.
Mariani has had a passion for animals since she was a child and remembers her father bringing home stray cats when she was growing up. While the work that she does with the cat shelters is independent, she volunteers with animal organizations like Kitten Angels and runs a Facebook group called Kitty Connection dedicated to educating people about cats and how to care for them. She also runs fundraisers on the social media platform for those who can’t afford to pay for their cat’s medical bills, or for injured feral cats she comes across that need medical attention.

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Swinging into Line Dancing

A group of 11 women lined up, then vined right and left, jazz boxed and shuffled Monday morning.
Those were just some of the terms for moves they were expected to learn as part of a new beginner line dancing class, organized by the Union Parks and Recreation Department. The six-week class is designed to give participants a new option for exercise, while social distancing.
“I love dancing, and I hope they’ll enjoy it as much as I do,” said volunteer instructor Lynda Merrill.
The class is free but participants are asked to bring donations to the Union Food Pantry. Between donations made Monday and those from the earlier classes, a table in the parks department offices was taken over by nonperishable food.

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