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Opinion: NDP, Liberals' low popularity creates a unique opportunity to unite the federal left

In the past, unite-the-left talk has foundered because one of the two parties was much more popular than the other and saw no benefit in merging

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Nevada governor sets vision of a future economy in State of State address amid economic, health crisis

Gov. Steve Sisolak told Nevadans experiencing some of their darkest hours of economic and public health devastation that he has a plan to create more than 165,000 jobs over the next decade, launch new initiatives to retrain displaced workers and build out an economy based on clean energy, blockchain and other futuristic technologies.

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What's happening around Carson City on Sunday, March 24

There is something about the start of Spring that makes Sundays seem more pleasant; despite the fact that the weekend is on its downhill slide. There are always pleasant things to do in Carson City come rain, snow, wind or shine.

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Start Up: Carson High students learn two sides of entrepreneurship

Start-Up! is weekly column on entrepreneurship, start-ups, technology and innovation, powered by the Adams Hub for Innovation. For a high school student to skip their lunch break, there's got to be a pretty significant reason behind it.

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Take every opportunity as a learning milestone - Serugo

Mohamed Serugo, the head teacher of Kinaawa High School, attributes his successful teaching career to his endless search for knowledge

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Congratulations to Senator Reid

I congratulate and commend Harry Reid on his statement comparing the opposition against reforming health care to the opposition against abolishing slavery.

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California and Nevada fishing report through April 25

Here is the fishing report for rivers, lakes and streams in Nevada, Northern California, Lake Tahoe and the Sierra. This report is for the week of April 18-25, 2012. The opening day for all California fishing is on April 28.

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Senator Square: Carson High School Library of Love; leadership promotes breast cancer awareness

The teachers of Carson High School are continuing to ask if the community of Carson City would purchase a T-shirt to support both breast cancer awareness and CHS teacher Kelly Gustafson, who is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

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Cancer, Horoscope Today, April 8, 2024: Embrace the opportunity to nurture yourself

Horoscope(Old) News: April 8 encourages emotional introspection for Cancer. Nurture relationships, deepen bonds, and gain clarity on career aspirations. Embrace vulnerabil

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Candidates For State Education Board Seat Bring Diverse Backgrounds To Race

CARSON CITY – With education reform a top priority of Gov. Brian Sandoval, the new alignment of the state Board of Education – with four seats up for grabs on the November ballot – is taking on more importance than ever before.

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