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of relief, as you can imagine. i have cried, i have laughed, i have smiled. i have -- just everything. it's just a roller coaster of mostly good emotions. and yet also we recognize that paul whelan's family, david whelan, who i had the opportunity to speak with a few months ago, a really emotional, heartfelt conversation for the two of us, supporting each other and just recognizing that we are now connected. so it has been the highs and lows of that. but i would not be honest if i wasn't saying that my heart is overjoyed for bg, for cherelle, for her family, and for the 144, that's what we call the members of our union. >> i gotta say, if you look at this sort of the arc of the last couple years, wnba players got rid of republican senator in

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h as an earlier deal had fallen through. i'm about to speak with whelan's brother david. is there anything you want to say to him and the whelan family? >> the president has not forgotten him in the same way he didn't forget brittney when trevor reed was released. he's not forgotten paul whelan and he will work tirelessly to make sure he gets home. the president wanted him home with brittney today. he used everything in his power to try and make that happen but the option was not there. the opportunity to get brittney home was there and that is what the president decided to do and he will continue to work to get paul whelan home in the same way he's worked to get brittney griner home. >> mayor bottoms, appreciate

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unpatriotic embarrassment. attacking biden for something trump failed to do. then you have marjorie taylor greene with her bizarre but predictable take saying the release was, quote, another reason to impeach joe biden. i don't understand these people, and yet i do. it goes to show how cynical and toxic our politics can be when the release of an american from a penal colony in russia is not like a celebrated unifying moment but rather an opportunity for cheap shots and bad faith attacks from republicans on twitter. instead, today's lesson in grace came from one of the people who feels whelan's absence the most, his twin brother, david whelan. >> i think president biden made the right decision. his job is to protect all americans and to care about all americans. and it would have been wrong for him to leave behind an american when he had the ability to bring them home. i appreciate that he may have even waited, delayed in the hope paul might have been able to come home, but it was the right

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we were then given the opportunity to apply for documents with the reusthe administration, the deputy mayor said. authorities say the reichsburger want to set up a monarchy in germany and have scores of right wing extremists in the ranks. among those arrested several former soldiers and a former member of german parliament from a far right political party. german extremism experts warn like in the u.s., the number of extremists looking to undermine democracy is growing. "it's a development which shows that right-wing extremism is moving from the margins to the center, and that protagonists from the scene can imagine overthrowing the state order. it's a very dangerous development." german criminal authorities say they are continuing to identify people possibly possibly involved in the planned coup. and while that plan they have been thwarted this time, groups like reichsburger pose an

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years. making nearly ten times the amount of money there in the offseason than she's ever made as a star wnba player. so she had reason to go there, but she also embodies almost everything that putin rails against and tries to oppress in his own country. he has effectively outlawed gay and lesbian couples being open about their love. the idea of a black athlete challenging white supremacy, the cannabis consumption, also something he has harsh penalties in place for. so the opportunity as he was planning to invade ukraine, as the united states and european allies are standing up for democracy, to grab a star american, who in addition, has all these identities that challenge russian ideology and white supremacy, it really was too good for putin to pass up. >> so what, i know there's a lot to this, i'm going to take this to julia as well, then why now?

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go from accident emergency onto a ward if they need a hospital bed, and the bbc found through lots of research than more than of people are having to wait more than four hours for that process which is breaching the government target so that has been a big story today and we thought that would give us an opportunity to talk about life in hospital at the moment and be adjoined by doctor maddock in brighton and she is vice president at the college of emergency medicine and a consultant in the emergency department. hello, doctor maddock. department. hello, doctor maddock-— department. hello, doctor maddock. ., ~ ., ., maddock. thank you for having me. maddock. thank you for having me- thank _ maddock. thank you for having me. thank you _ maddock. thank you for having me. thank you for _ maddock. thank you for having me. thank you for coming - maddock. thank you for having me. thank you for coming on. | maddock. thank you for having l me. thank you for coming on. it does not — me. thank you for coming on. it does not sound _ me. thank you for coming on. it does not sound like _ me. thank you for coming on. it does not sound like a _ me. thank you for coming on. it does not sound like a great - does not sound like a great time to get ill at the moment. unfortunately it's been like this in the emergency department for a very, very long time. we are certainly seeing the winter starting to kick off and so there is a lot more illness around. but unfortunately the state of emergency departments has been like this for years now and we have been calling for more support through staffing, through more beds, more social care, unfortunately we have not seen any results.

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whether or not someone should remain unlawfully detained be in a penal colony in russia. it was important to get brittney griner home and he has worked nonstop to make this happen. while we know that there was a prisoner swap, we also had to recognize this is not someone who's sentenced to life in prison. he had six years left on his sentence so at some point he was going to be free and the president weighed all of these considerations and thought it was important to bring brittney home when he had the opportunity. >> paul whelan of course is one of the americans still in custody. he has been in russian custody a lot longer than brittney griner. justice officials were opposed

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i mean, because none of those identiies have changed. if part was a symbolic thing, i'm going to take this black, queer, athletic woman, i don't think he cares about getting her home for christmas, sow why now? >> putin -- the war has not gone the way putin has wanted it to go. it was not supposed to last nine months. now heading into the winter months. president biden making it clear unless a discussion with brittney griner's release was on the table, he would not meet one-on-one with putin. there is an opportunity with russia being on the back foot when it comes to the war for there to be concessions made. with that said, the united states over the summer had proposed a two for two exchange to get paul whelan out as well. unfortunately, putin realized while he would release brittney griner potentially as a loss to him, losing a valuable asset, he could gain the opportunity to continue to divide america along racial lines. this conversation that we have had about a white veteran being

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making. we've been working on this for a very long time, almost for the entire time that brittney was wrongfully detained and certainly mr. whelan before her. but in actuality, the deal itself kind of came to solidity in the last week or so, anderson. it was some time last week we knew we had this opportunity and the president decided that we were going to take it. so it really kind of came to conclusion over the last week. and then over the last 48 to 96 hours, largely that was spent on working out the logistics with the russians. >> and what about her condition? how is she doing? >> she was in good spirits when she spoke to the president and to her wife cherelle this morning in the oval office. the reports we gone on the ground at the site of the exchange in abu dhabi is she appeared to be in good health, but we don't want to take anything for granted. so her first stop when she gets back to the united states in the coming hours will be at a treatment facility where she can get the medical care that she might need after ten months in detention in a penal colony.

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shadow banning going on. you know, we knew, just by our own experience on twitter, i, for instance, since elon musk bought in, have increased my follow account by 40%, and that's just something that's experienced by conservatives across the board. and you notice from all the names, that bari weiss has brought up tonight, they are all conservatives. she's not a conservative, an ex-"new york times", i get she would be a red pill liberal if anything, if there were left wingers that had been banned you can bet she would have name them to be equal opportunity. i think matt was snowed probably by james baker. he said a couple of things that didn't ring true with those first batch of twitter files like the federal government wasn't involved, and so i think now, that elon musk has been kind of red pilled himself and james baker is gone, we might

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