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Nexa Resources S A : Reports Second Quarter Exploration Results (Form 6-K)

Luxembourg, July 21, 2021
- Nexa Resources S.A. ('Nexa Resources', 'Nexa', or 'Company') is pleased to provide today the drilling and assay results from the second quarter of 2021. This document contains forward-looking statements.
Nexa's Mineral Exploration program for 2021 comprises a total of 111,000 meters of exploratory drilling, of which 26,533 meters were executed in the second quarter of 2021 through 21 operating drill rigs, totaling 44,404 meters of exploratory drilling in 1H21. The program in Peru accounts for 69,000 meters, in Brazil for 30,000 meters and in Namibia for 12,000 meters.
In Peru, 23,131 meters were drilled in 2Q21 with 14 rigs, totaling 33,998 meters in 1H21. At the Pasco Complex, the exploration was focused at the Sara Sur target in El Porvenir with thick and high grade new intersections. At Cerro Lindo, drilling in 2Q21 has remained focused at the Pucasalla target, aiming to expand the new VMS discovery at the site and near mine underground ore body expansion at orebody 9 and 5B.

Instalan planta fotovoltaica en el hospital de Porvenir

Pinguino Web 1
La inauguración está programada para julio y cuenta con la instalación de un cogenerador, 162 paneles solares y 975 luminarias LED.
Hospital Dr. Marco Chamorro Iglesias de Porvenir contará próximamente
con un sistema de energía de mayor eficiencia que los convencionales,
gracias al proyecto de planta fotovoltaica llevado a cabo por el
Ministerio de Energía y con apoyo financiero del Gobierno Regional y el
Consejo Regional, en una inversión que ronda los $ 400.000.000.
sistema cuenta con equipos traídos de Alemania, que se basan en la
instalación de un cogenerador que tiene la particularidad de producir

Column: What will make people care about police shootings of Latinos?

Andres Guardado, shot five times in the back last June in Gardena by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies. Sean Monterrosa, shot in the back of his head two weeks before Guardado by police in Vallejo, Calif., while he knelt with his hands up. Manuel Diaz, shot down by an Anaheim officer in 2012 as he ran away.
Will the police killings of Latinos ever end? Have we learned anything from the past?
Santos Rodriguez, a 12-year-old murdered by a Dallas police officer who subjected the handcuffed boy to a game of Russian roulette in 1973. Ruben Salazar, my predecessor as a Los Angeles Times columnist, struck down by a deputy-fired tear gas canister in 1970 as he drank a beer in an East L.A. bar. Edward Melendes, beaten to death in his jail cell by St. Louis police in 1943.

'Amityville Horror' convicted killer Ronald DeFeo dies

The man convicted of killing his parents and siblings in a home that inspired the "The Amityville Horror" book and movies has died.

Viewpoints on Women in the Revolution - The Mexican Revolution and the United States | Exhibitions

Women were instrumental in the Revolution to achieve progress with fairness. They fought alongside their men and also provided some of the comforts of home to the soldiers, including food, clean clothes, and sexual services. Although women were clearly part of the Revolution, they did not benefit as much from it as did the working class in the cities for example.
Soldaderas and the Mexican Revolution
Women fought on the battlefield during the Mexican Revolution.
Soldaderas or female soldiers, with rebel or federal forces, fought either by choice or coercion.
Soldadera comes from the word
soldada, or soldier’s pay. The men gave their wages to women to pay for food, meal preparation, clothes cleaning, and other services.

Colombia's Grupo Aval 2020 net profit falls 13.7%

By Reuters Staff
2 Min Read
BOGOTA, March 12 (Reuters) - Grupo Aval, Colombia’s largest financial conglomerate, on Friday reported a 13.7% fall in 2020 net profit, which it attributed to a deterioration of its loan portfolio due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and increased costs.
Grupo Aval’s net profit came in at 4.63 trillion pesos ($1.3 billion) last year, down from the record 5.36 trillion pesos it reported for 2019. Fourth-quarter net profit rose 9.4% year-on-year to 1.4 trillion pesos.
Net interest income rose 6% during 2020 to 11.9 trillion pesos, the company said in a statement released late on Thursday. Outstanding debt rose 49.4% to 6.26 trillion pesos, it added.

Puerto Rico's Levittown, Where the Good Life Begins : Throughline : NPR