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Qatari emir sends Ramadan greetings to Egypt's al-Sisi

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Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani calls Egyptian president for 1st time since Gulf reconciliation agreement signed in January - Anadolu Agency

Pakistani aid group sees former recipients return as volunteers for Ramadan food drive

The coronavirus pandemic has left many Pakistanis relying on aid groups like Hamdard Haath for food

Running a 5K while fasting: how one US group raises money for charity

The National.
“So, this kind of married the two ideas together.”
The initiative began in 2013, when Mr Razi and his friends in Boston raised money for a local charity. As it expanded, different city chapters partnered with new local and international charities.
This year, the Washington chapter has chosen to work with United Muslim Relief (UMR) to provide food to Muslims in the area that have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
The Washington group has had up to 100 members participate in the past, but because of Covid-19, this year's event was smaller, with about 35 completing the recent 5K.
Soon after sunset, the fasting joggers pray and then break their fast together with dates and takeout food on the Mall.

Thousands pack Cairo's Islamic quarter despite Covid-19 risk

On the day
The National visited, only a tiny minority of people appeared to be following the government’s advice on wearing masks and social distance.
A third wave of the pandemic has continued to hit Egypt hard, with infection rates and the country’s coronavirus death toll rising rapidly.
But revellers squatted shoulder to shoulder on pavements to eat their iftar meal as an eerie silence descended over the district.
Shortly after sunset the place began to resemble a country fair, with more people arriving, hawkers selling toys and balloons and oud players roaming the tea houses to serenade patrons with Arabic classics in exchange for money.

MUIS to 'study the feasibility' of implementing pre-event testing for larger congregations

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SINGAPORE: The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) will "study the feasibility" of implementing pre-event testing procedures at mosques, ...

Ajman cops surprise motorists with Iftar meals

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Ajman cops surprise motorists with Iftar meals
Supplied photo
Pedestrians received food boxes, too.
On the streets in Ajman, motorists and pedestrians were surprised to receive Iftar boxes being handed out by the emirate’s cops.
For the Ajman Police, it was a gesture meant to bring happiness to the community and, at the same time, prevent accidents as many drivers are rushing for Iftar.
Captain Hamed Abdul Qader Al Attar, director of the internal patrols department at the Ajman Police, said the distribution of Iftar meals to those fasting this holy month came with an aim of boosting residents’ satisfaction with public services.

Résidence Cheikhoul Khadim : Vivification du mois béni de Ramadan

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Résidence Cheikhoul Khadim : Vivification du mois béni de Ramadan

Traditional ring game returns to Ramadan nights in Iraq

After quiet discussions with his teammates, he rushed towards one man, grabbed his wrist and yelled: “Give me the ring!”
As the man opened his hand, revealing the ring hidden inside, Mr Al Aswad let out a fierce roar.
In scenes of jubilation rarely seen in Iraq since before the pandemic, his teammates danced, hugged and lifted him on to their shoulders.
“Mheibis is the sweetest thing in Ramadan after fasting and praying,” said Mr Al Aswad, 44, as he caught his breath after the celebration.
“This is our hobby, like other people who are crazy about football or other games."

Eid Al Fitr holidays for UAE government workers announced

The public holiday will begin on Tuesday, May 11
Afghan men perform Friday prayers at a mosque in the country's capital city of Kabul. Reuters
A man and a boy attend Friday prayers at Al Husseini mosque in Amman, Jordan. Reuters
Palestinians gather during the second Friday prayers of Ramadan, outside the Dome of the Rock at the Al Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem's Old City. AFP
Pakistani men place food for the people to break their fast on a roadside tent during Ramadan in Karachi, Pakistan. EPA
A Saudi volunteer distributes boxes of iftar meals at a traffic junction in the Saudi Arabian port city of Jeddah. AFP

Gauahar Khan's red kurti look for Ramadan is worth bookmarking

Gauahar Khan's red kurti look for Ramadan is worth bookmarking
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Gauahar Khan's red kurti look for Ramadan is worth bookmarking
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Gauahar Khan's red kurti look for Ramadan is worth bookmarking

Ramadan postcard: moments of joy in Jerusalem scuppered by violence

Ramadan celebrations have been marred by clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters in East Jerusalem

Ramadan 2021 'Sad and heartbreaking' - Muslims share their experience of fasting in a pandemic

Ramadan 2021 'Sad and heartbreaking' - Muslims share their experience of fasting in a pandemic
While families cannot gather, mosques have re-opened for prayers
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This year Ramadan takes place under Covid-19 restrictions which prevent large gatherings and household mixing. While some restrictions have eased, it has made for a different holy month for Birmingham's Muslim community. Reporter Husna Anjum speaks to members of the community and shares her own experience of fasting during a pandemic.

UAE Covid: Pakistani expats shelve Eid travel plans on rising airfare

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UAE Covid: Pakistani expats shelve Eid travel plans on rising airfare
Muzaffar Rizvi/Dubai
Reuters file photo
The revised air travel plan will be effective from midnight on May 5 till midnight on May 20.
Pakistani residents in the UAE have shelved their Eid travel plans to home country as airfare shoot up following the country's decision to cut inbound international travel by 80 per cent from May 5 to May 20.
Talking to
Khaleej Times, overseas Pakistanis residing in Dubai, Sharjah and other emirates said air ticket prices surged almost 30 per cent in past few days as average one-way airfare to Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar climbed from Dh650-700 to Dh950-1,000 per passenger.

The special blessings of 'lailatul qadar' | The Malaysian Insight

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ON the evening of May 2, Muslims entered the last 10 days of fasting for the month of Ramadan. It is said that the first 10 are for seeking Allah’s mercy; the second, His forgiveness; and the third, refuge from His hellfire.
Muslims also believe that one of those odd nights of the last 10 days to be especially blessed. On “Dubbe lailatul qadar” (the night of power), one’s worship on that blessed night would be amplified by an all-generous Allah as if we had been performing it “for a thousand months!” Hence the frenzied spiritual activities during those last 10 days.

Eid Al Fitr 2021: Abu Dhabi's Yas Island to have three-day fireworks extravaganza

However, at the moment gatherings are not permitted as part of Yas Island’s precautionary measures against Covid-19.
So if you’re unable to catch the fireworks from your residence or one of the nearby venues, you can always watch the display online. Yas Island will be livestreaming the event from its Instagram channel every night so that everyone can enjoy the show in complete safety.
This year, Eid Al Fitr is likely start on Thursday, May 13
. However, an official decision will be announced on the 29th day of Ramadan, on Tuesday, May 11.
Either way, it looks like there will be a long weekend to look forward to. If you're searching for things to do over the Eid weekend, you can find some inspiration here.

Why Ramadan is good for both body and mind

A commitment to a religious practice, studies indicate, lead to psychological well-being and better mental health. Hundreds of studies report religiosity being associated with, for example, lower levels of depression, anxiety and substance misuse. Some follow up with people over decades. The message is clear: commitment to religion is associated with a reduced risk of psychological problems.
A few disorders do break this general rule, though. For example, anorexia and obsessive compulsive disorders can be associated with heightened religiosity. And there are cases where people have been adversely affected by distorted teachings. However, in general, religious commitment appears to have positive effects on the mind.

Ramadan: Guide to healthy portion sizes

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Daily Monitor
Monday May 03 2021
The best way to break a fast is to continue eating normally. If you eat an unusually large meal after your fast day, you may end up feeling tired and bloated. PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK
As Muslims change their lifestyle and habits during the fasting month of Ramadan, experts advise careful management of eating patterns to avoid fatigue.
Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and it is when Muslims observe a fast from sunrise to sunset. One of the components of this fast is that food is only eaten after sunset (iftar) and before sunrise (suhoor or daku). These meals are eaten as a family or community. However, are the portions eaten healthy? 

The Man in the White Robe: The #1 Night That Jesus Appears to Muslims

As the Islamic holy month of Ramadan starts winding down this week, Muslims are praying and fasting with greater fervor – particularly on the "Night of Destiny" when they seek a spiritual breakthrough. 

Jotayu Ramadan du 03 Mai avec Soxna Jamilatou Diakhaté

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Jotayu Ramadan du 03 Mai avec Soxna Jamilatou Diakhaté

Ramadan-Grande Mosquée de Touba : Nafila 19e Nuit

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Recent News
Woman dies from injuries after car hits crowd
Woman dies from injuries after car hits crowd
Woman dies from injuries after car hits crowd
Woman dies from injuries after car hits crowd

Police looking into SOP violations at hotel iftar event

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Four people asked to provide statements, say cops.

Amman's Ramadan drummer balances spirit and livelihood

Late at night in a low-income district of Amman, Zeid Abu Mushref walks with an assured step as he pounds his drum, masking his status as a novice musaharati.
“Hey, you who are asleep, recite a prayer to Allah,” he chants, his voice ringing out slowly between beats.
But the steps of the 19-year-old are swift, as is his drumming.
Mr Abu Mushref operates in Nuzha, a hilly district of the Jordanian capital that he needs to cover on foot before the crack of dawn. This is so people wake up in time to have suhoor before the day-long Ramadan fast.

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