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Connolly and Aminzadeh Headed for Runoff Election in 12th Assembly District Race

We appear to have our two runoffs for the newly created and open 12th state assembly district. Marin residents Damon Connolly and Sara Aminzadeh are currently

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Sonoma County Party Chairs Reflect Ahead Of Today's Inauguration

The Democratic Club of Southern Sonoma County is hosting a live virtual event tonight at 5 PM celebrating today’s Inauguration. They will have guests like Congressman Jared Huffman and Petaluma Mayor Teresa Barrett as well as musical acts. You can contact them through their Facebook page if you are interested in taking part.
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>> what you're looking at now is some of that fire. that has this area concerned. this is southern sonoma county. this is an area that is under evacorders. that's a house that's been threatened by fire. as the winds change, this is what they're worried about now. that big change in winds. it is start tog rain ash on us. the winds are starting to move. it could hit as high as 45 miles per hour and we could see whole new communities wiped out. erin. >> unbelievable. 45 miles an hour. ash literally coming down. it is a deadly environment there right now. thank you. as we continue covering that,al new tonight, a heart stopping firsthand account of a mandalay bay worker who was one of the first people to encounter the las vegas shooter. that engineer was forced to dodge bullets as the gunman started shooting at him and a security guard and tonight,

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