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Young East London singer invited to UK talent show

A nine-year-old East London singing sensation who touched the hearts of many when she performed a classic opera aria, has been invited to audition for the child version of the global hit singing competition, The Voice Kids. Gugulethu Ndzendze became an online sensation when her mother Fundiswa Ndzendze posted a clip of her singing at their church.

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Trước khi qua đời vì Covid-19, cô Út từng góp phần vào thành công của Phương Mỹ Chi tại The Voice Kids

Cô Út chính là "người thầy" đầu tiên của Phương Mỹ Chi, góp công không nhỏ vào thành công của Á quân The Voice Kids 2013.

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Desgastado, The Voice Kids tem pior ibope da história e prejudica domingo da Globo

Apresentada por Márcio Garcia, a temporada 2021 tem média de 11,9 pontos e está prejudicando o futebol da emissora, que vem logo a seguir e não consegue bons números de audiência

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AMEE đích thân "khai quật" khoảnh khắc "cute phomai que" cùng Erik

Khoảnh khắc hội ngộ giữa 3 ca sĩ trẻ Gen Z - Erik, AMEE, tlinh khiến cộng đồng mạng vô cùng thích thú.

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Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - DW - 20190415:06:44:00

time just such steel. and fun for the troops. to over compound troops and cut. it's time for. the deputy is coming up ahead. finds. the next few minutes will be the most important so far in tanya's short life. the show is called goalless g.s.t. the voice kids runs during prime time on russia's first channel the. tiniest competitors are no slackers. were likely.

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Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - DW - 20190415:08:44:00

responsibility as a journalist is to give beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about me dear friend balance or being neutral it's about me. running is for gough and i work in. the next few minutes will be the most important so far in time is short my. show is called goalless. the voice kids runs during prime time on russia's first channel. tanya's competitors are no slackers.

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