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WATCH: Seasonable start to this week

WATCH: Seasonable start to this week

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Cold spell, precipitation in store for Kazakhstan: 28 November 2022, 13:11

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – Cold spell is forecast to persist in eastern Kazakhstan in coming days, Kazinform has learned from Kazhydromet.

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PAGASA: Cloudy skies, isolated rain on Sunday

In its 4 a.m. weather bulletin, PAGASA said the ITCZ would particularly affect most parts of Mindanao and Palawan.

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India News | Medicines Found Dumped in Well in UP

Get latest articles and stories on India at LatestLY. A large amount of medicines were found dumped inside a well in a farm here following which local health authorities ordered a probe, a senior health official said on Sunday.
India News | Medicines Found Dumped in Well in UP.

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Active weather for Western WA & the Cascades through the weekend.

Rain, wind, and mountain snow keep us very active from the lowlands to the mountains. Expect delays when traveling across the Cascades through early Monday.

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Orlando Weather Forecast: Warm day across Central Florida with small chance for storms

You won't need a sweater today. Temperatures will reach the 80s today across Central Florida, and some areas may even see rain.

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FOX and Friends Sunday

not addressing crime rampant in the city. self candidates are throwing their hats into the ring ahead of tomorrow's filing deadline. a ostrich sent 20 officers on a wild chase after they escaped from a farm in canada. one of the birds here avoiding capture. police say the ostriches created traffic hazards. no word that all the birds were caught much to rachel campos-duffy's nightmares. those are the headlines. rick reichmuth for the weather forecast. rick: tell you what we got cold air out in parts of the northwest. snowy weather coming in across the west coast. we'll get a lot more snowe you love to see this time of year. a lot of ask resorts across the west doing so far because of the drought. we want that one big storm. this is the airport delay map. no airport delays we're looking at or concerned about right now.

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